Book Review: Creative Kids

“I believe creativity is not only a hobby; it is a way of living life.” — Dr Surbhi PrapannaTop post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian BloggersBook: Creative Kids

Genre: Parenting

Author: Dr Surbhi Prapanna

Format: PDF

Language: English

About the Author: A homoeopathic therapist by profession and a writer and blogger by passion, Dr Surbhi Prapanna has approximately 4 years of professional writing experience. Her work has been published on many well-known platforms and this is her first book. Her niche is writing on parenting, health and creative activities for children. She has numerous accolades in her kitty but the most prestigious one for her is the “Best Parent Award”.

Summary: The book walks us through 26 different activities. These are very easy DIY fun activities for children. The author has shared these 26 activities as an A2Z theme and there is one activity for each letter. Most of the activities which have been mentioned are entertaining and require only inexpensive materials mostly available at home. Some topics also deal with kid’s entertainment, overall personality development of kids, and physical activities for children.

For all the activities the age limit, materials required and the procedure have been specified. Though these activities are totally safe, the author recommends proper safety measures while using scissors or craft knife along with adult supervision.

My Take on the Book: Since I have a 6-year-old, I loved this book. It is very important to keep children engaged in some activity or the other all the time and I guess the creatives activities are the best. These creative activities not only widen a child’s horizon but also help them to be creative and in the process, they think out of the box. I loved all the activities mentioned in the book right from the making of the aquarium to the Z activities. I was impressed with the fact that Surbhi has given proper explanations for certain actions like for the bubble making activity. I loved the fact that she used old cardboard boxes to make doll houses and TV set. Some activities also include the use of flowers, leaves and stones to make beautiful collages and pictures.

There is a whole section on youtube videos which encourages the children to do some physical activities. Also, there are chapters with engaging and educational TV Series. She has also mentioned activities in which the whole family can indulge and these come assured with a lot of fun.

I recommend this book, as this gives a good bonding time with children and they do something productive. So this summer don’t waste time and read this book, pull out the ribbons, glitters and sparkles and indulge in some me time with your children.

What are you waiting for … get your copy here: Creative KidsThe book has been written as a part of the Blogchatter Ebook carnival and is available as a free download.

This review is undertaken as per the Blogchatter book review program (#BlogchatterEbook).

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