Parenting Trends in the Future

Have you ever wondered what parenting would be like in future? Would it be full of woes or eased by gadgets, gizmos, and robots. Well, what ever it may be one thing is certain that parenting will evolve.

I was browsing through the many many questions on Quora and came across a question which gripped my attention. The question is What are parenting trends going to look like in the future?

This particular question looked very interesting as it asked about the future parenting trends. I started thinking how parenting has changed over the years right from our great grand parents to our parents and to us. The word future started playing in my mind and I kept wondering how parenting will evolve when my daughter becomes a mother and a great grand mother.

Giving it some thought along with a lot of reading, I narrowed myself to some of these parenting trends in the future:

  • Focus on raising compassionate and resilient children: Parents will understand the various obstacles and challenges which a child may face and thus they will teach their children to overcome the same. In order to teach resilience to their children, the parents must themselves become sensitive and supportive. When children are treated with respect and kindness, they treat others in the same manner. Children are born to be compassionate, it is only that the parents need to nurture their selfless behavior. Resiliency allows the child to deal with stress. A child who is in a close, supportive and a friendly environment is able to cope with stress in a much more positive manner, than a child who does not have a friendly environment.
  • Reducing stress: It is believed that the ability to manage stress is achieved in childhood with the help of experience and genes. Parents today are becoming aware of the stress and they accept the fact that they cannot have it all. Thus, parents will spend more time with family and also insist that their children start taking responsibilities within the family. Encouraging the child to take on responsibilities will help them to manage time and deal with stress.
  • Parents at home: Since telecommuting has become the latest trend, in the years to come parents may enjoy a job which can be done from home, thus allowing parents to spend time with their children.
  • Parenting will be easier through technology: Technology will allow the parents to create personalized moments while their child is growing. The toys of the future will be more interactive and entertaining where the children will be able to learn on their own. Also, the upgraded versions of gadgets like a baby monitor, Owlet smart sock will prove to be quite helpful. The baby monitor will not only let you know that the child is awake but also the reason behind why he got up from his sleep.

But these are just predictions and the important thing is that parents need to help their children in order to adapt to the changes and grow into self-sufficient adults. Thus the FUTURE OF PARENTING IS NOW!!

I was very fascinated by the Fisher-Price’s video depicting the future of parenting. Please take a look at it and get enamored by the future.

Picture Source: Fisher-Price

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