5 Ways to Help Children Cope With Peer Pressure

As children grow they may be exposed to competition and a fastidious environment where they need to constantly prove and adjust themselves. This creates peer pressure in children which requires them to transform tremendously. 

In this fast pacing life often children are exposed to pointless social media rhetorics where they get stuck in trying to redeem fake identity, in the race for instant fame. Among the myriads of issues a child faces, while growing up, one of the vital issues is peer pressure. Peer pressure also termed as social pressure is usually the direct influence on a person by his peers. In case of children imitation plays a vital role and they are always looking for attitudes and behaviors to which they can co-apt. Children who fall prey to peer pressure are the one’s who want to fit in, or want to be liked, worry of being mocked and a curiosity to try something new.

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When a child takes his tiny little steps towards teenage onto adulthood, he gets more vulnerable to his external environment and tries to pick up the threads from his social interactions. This is when he gradually undergoes a lot of social conditioning, most of which is quite hard to resist. They move in and out of situations which they are not prepared for and strive to come to terms with life. They try to strike a balance between their family and social life. There are few things they imbibe from their friends like behavior, lifestyle and attitude. While it’s perfectly okay if they grasp the good vibes and qualities from their friends, it’s alarming if they pick up bad habits and nuances from their peers.

Too many expectations and external influence at various stages force children to excel in everything they do. This puts lot of unwanted stress on their tiny minds and they want everything “more”, whether it’s grades, toys, video games, fast foods or cartoons. As the children strive hard to get rid of this vicious cycle, there are few traits that get deep-seated in them, which should be dealt with in an effective manner.

Here are some tips that parents can follow to help their children cope with peer pressure:

  1. Develop a transparent relationship: One of the prime requirements for children is spending valuable time with their parents. They need to be an open book for you. Every day, try to find out about their regular activities at school and the tiniest details, which will help you gauge their reactions to the external environment and how to cope with them if they are at risk.
  2.  Explain them what healthy relationships mean: Befriend your child in a manner that you’re able to explain all the “good” and “bad” vibes to them, so they are able to distinguish between good and bad peers. But remember, you need to bear a lot of caution and prevent your child from any kind of repulsive feelings. As we know to it’s easier to learn than to unlearn.
  3. Train them with healthy activities and habits: Try to involve your child into healthy habits like summer camps, after school clubs, scouts, singing, drawing, reading or debates, which will help them to boost their self- esteem and enable them to steer clear of peer pressure.
  4. Teach them to be assertive and say “No”: Teach your child the importance of setting limits. Whenever you find your kid indulging in an unfair habit, curtly express it to them with a straight “No”. This encourages to imitate the same when some of their peers force them to do something unpleasant. After all parents are the best role models.
  5. Get to know your child’s interests:Being involved in your child’s day to day activities like reading, playing board games or doing homework and a brief knowledge about their friends enables a strong bonding with them. This in turn also allows them to know about your interests.

Social awareness and interpersonal skills are the radical needs of the day, and we as parents need to motivate them by molding them into stronger individuals. You never know the potential of your child unless you help them cultivate healthy traits and know what serves them the best. Who knows there may be a future leader hiding in them and waiting to shine through!

Show your child the following video on how to cope with peer pressure

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