Lessons to remember from the sunset

“If you are in a beautiful place where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset, then you are living like a lord.” – Nathan Phillips

That evening it was a beautiful sunset after the rains and the clouds cleared. it seemed that God had himself come down and painted his canvas with an array of orange, yellow and golden hues. The sky did look gorgeous and we – my daughter and I were in awe of the beauty it shattered all over.

While my daughter and I were engulfed with all the beauty, Nature was quietly giving us a message … a message that would answer our questions about life. Nature has its own way of teaching us innumerable things. Some we pay attention to while some we don’t. But as I looked at the sunset and see it disappear in a few minutes, I realised that,

Beautiful moments are short-lived – seize them. A sunset vanishes as soon as the sun goes beyond the horizon. Just with a click of a finger the whole scene changes. In a similar manner, we are so busy in our lives that we don’t appreciate the beauty of small things. We seem to be so distracted that we fail to capture the beautiful moments that quietly slip by.

With the sunset its always time to move on and leave behind that day. When the glowing hues turn to the dark night they remind us that the day is done and in no way can we change the things good or bad that happened with us. The day goes with the sunset and we should not regret how we could, we should have and how we would. We should leave this aside and move on as tomorrow is going to be a new day.

Live in the moment with the amazing shades and tints of various colours that envelope the surrounding giving you a warm hug. At this point, the sky literally screams, stop running around, stop struggling, stop your mind from thinking … just stop. Take a break and absorb all the beauty around.

As the sun sets, it leaves us in darkness only to come back with a new day full of new opportunities and surprises. Though the new day shows a path for new beginnings, it comes with no guarantee. So learn to appreciate the beauty of today as you never know tomorrow may be your last day.

Sunsets are not only awe-inspiring but also magnificent, and while we enjoy these we should not forget about the lessons they teach us silently…

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