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Every one of us has an opinion about whats happening around us. Most obvious amongst them are the challenges that our city, state or neighbourhood faces. Let’s voice our opinions and put it across to our PM

Dear Honourable PM,

Like most Indians, I was also happy the day you were appointed as the PM of our country as there were slogans all over “acche din aane wale hain”. Since the time you stepped up to take your oath, you took the nation by a wave through your speech. You have made many reforms and changes including the most unforgettable demonetization.

While you were contesting for the elections, your party had used slogans like “bahut hua naari par atyachaar, abki baar Modi sarkar. I am not saying that you have not done anything for the women of India. Since the time you came to power, there have been various campaigns for women empowerment. Of the many campaigns, the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana’ intended to create an awareness regarding the scenario of the girl child and her education. From launching various schemes to voicing your support for the instant triple talaq has been a great journey in terms of women empowerment.

At the inaugural address for the 85th Sivagiri Pilgrimage Celebrations, you said, “We will take the country to new heights in 2018 with the mantras of reform, perform and transform, development for all.” I definitely don’t doubt you for a second, as we know that you have the capability to do the same. This often leads me (I guess most of us) to think that you are a boy who is the business partner of justice and the master of fear.

My major concern arises every morning when I go through the newspaper. Most news is about rapes, molestations, murders, fraud and this makes me nauseous to the extent that I want to run away to someplace safe… but the big question is where?

India is a country where Goddesses are worshipped. Shouldn’t we see a goddess in every girl? But that’s not the answer as here women are stared, harassed, sexually abused, judged by her clothes, molested, groped, raped and even killed in the womb. While boys can have all the fun, girls are not allowed to step out of the house after a certain time. While girls are questioned about their clothes and are asked to be coy, men take it in their pride to throw acid on a woman just because they cannot bear the fact that they have been rejected.

The nation was still coming to terms with the brutal rape of Nirbhaya case in 2012, and a recent incident shook the nation all over again. Recently, an 8-month-old baby, yes a baby! was raped by her cousin. Isn’t this gross! We can’t even blame the infant that she was dressed inappropriately or giving out wrong signals. As a matter of fact, even a 6-year-old or an 18-month-old baby is not at fault for inviting people to rape them. The 6-year-old was snatched from her home while the 18-month-old was being babysat by her rapist.

There can be riots for a movie like Padmavat, where the protagonist is a fictional character, but what about justice for the 8-month-old. Where is the Sena, why are they not active in this case. This is just the heights of male chauvinism.

In other countries, a rapist is punished and not let free. Muslim countries seek only death for the rapist while the other countries have rigorous punishment and life imprisonment. Then why can’t we also follow the same… Why are we so lenient with a rapist? Every 14 minute a girl is raped in India. If strict action and legal policies are defined clearly, at least the people committing the crime will have some sense of fear. In our country, the government’s inability to punish these people leads to fearless perpetrators who keep on repeating crimes after crimes. Just sentencing a person to death is not enough. Such people should be hanged to death immediately without any questions and investigation in the case.

Honourable PM, as a woman, a mother and a mother of a daughter (5-year-old) who steps out of the house daily to go to school, I plead you to be more strict with people who commit such hideous crimes. With an increase in the number of rapes in the capital as well as the country, I live in a constant fear not only for myself but also for my daughter. (and I can vouch for the same for almost all the women, mothers and their daughters). Let’s stop pretending that action is being taken rather set an example by punishing the assailant to the extent that neither he or other men dare to take such a nasty step again.

Hoping for a rape-free India which is safe for us and our young girls.

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  1. February 21, 2018

    In 2012 protestors of the Nirbhaya rape case demanded to see the PM. The home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde replied, “Does the PM have no other work?”
    What other work does the PM have other than the welfare of people?
    Hoping against hope, I thought Modi will be different.
    But he too is silent. He will roar when he wants to, but when it comes to sensitive issues like women and child abuse and rapes, he copies the ex-PM.
    The only way out imo is that we should all force our daughters to learn self-defence sports like Karate, Jiu Jitsu etc. Maybe it’s a simplistic solution but then has anybody got a better alternative?
    Don’t talk to me about politicians. They will not save our daughters. We, as parents, must do it ourselves.

    • Shubhra Rastogi
      February 22, 2018

      I agree..

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