Happy Teacher’s Day

” It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” – Albert Einstein

While watching Prime Minister Narendra Modi address the students of the nation, my daughter asked me, “Mumma, what is teacher’s day?” At first I was amazed at her vocabulary then I sat down with her and explained the value of teachers.

Dear Radhika Ma’am, You helped me blossom like a flower – Thank you for helping me grow
Dear Radhika Ma’am, You helped me blossom like a flower – Thank you for helping me grow

Teachers play a vital role in the development of a child’s life. They pave the path for a better tomorrow. Also, they instill values, knowledge and sincerity in children. They mould the little children into beautiful human beings. With each passing day they ensure that their students are confident enough to face the world.

Once my explanation was over, my daughter who is very fond of her class teachers, expressed that she wanted to thank them. I was pleased on hearing the same and gave her suggestions of how she could do it. We shortlisted a few ideas like buying some mementos or cards and finally she agreed to make cards for teacher’s day by herself. It sounded like a perfect plan where her creativity could be explored.

Dear Sonia Ma'am, You are my star – Thank you for helping me grow
Dear Sonia Ma’am, You are my star – Thank you for helping me grow

We shortlisted the names of the teachers for whom she wanted to make cards. “I want to make a card for Sonia Ma’am, Nikita Ma’am, Farah Ma’am and Radhika Ma’am”, and her list kept increasing. We pondered over making prints from potatoes, okra, fork painting and clip painting. Great minds were at work and I could sense that my daughter wanted to do her best.

Finally, she said, “I want to make a star for Sonia Ma’am, smiley for Nikita Ma’am, aeroplane for Farah Ma’am and flowers for Radhika Ma’am”. She had a valid reason for making the designs she had chosen.  So I put aside all the innovative and complex ideas for cards and just stuck to basics – colouring by crayons by a preschooler. I knew she would excel in those and I really admired her for coming up with ideas of her own rather than sticking to my ideas.

Dear Nikita Ma’am, You make me smile – Thank you for helping me grow
Dear Farha Ma’am, You helped me fly high – Thank you for helping me grow







If you are still looking for ideas for teacher’s day cards visit: artsycraftsymom.com

This teacher’s day make sure to greet your teachers, parents and anyone who taught you something good. And yes, being a mother and a teacher to a 3 years old, I am amazed to see how much change you can bring to a person as a teacher.

I am sure, this video would inspire you to at least remember, if not call, few of your teachers who helped you to become what you are today…

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  1. Ram Kumar Singh
    September 11, 2015

    I proud of you beta.you are a good Mother.God bless you.

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