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These days homeschooling is quite a trend. At one point in time when we had to relocate I also thought about it. Maybe my daughter was in the pre-primary class or maybe the change in place urged me to think on the same lines.

So, what exactly is homeschooling? Homeschooling, also known as home education is a school or a type of education where children are trained to get their formal education among the four walls of their homes instead of going to schools. They are either taught by their parents or tutors hired by their parents. There is a sense of personalisation and each child moves at his/her pace rather than rushing through the course.

Did you know that in the US alone 2.3 million children are homeschooled? Well, as far as India is concerned, parents here are also giving a thought to this type of education. There has been a rise of 2 to 8% per annum in the past few years.

Even with a significant rise in the numbers of homeschooled children, there is still an ongoing debate between traditional schooling and homeschooling. When there is a debate, there are many myths as well. So let’s go ahead have a look at some of the myths and deflate them!

Myth 1: Homeschooled children show poor academic conduct

It is seen that children who have been homeschooled score 15 to 30 percentile points more than the children going to public schools when assessed in standard pattens of academic tests. The same trend is seen with the results of ACTs and SATs at the time of college admissions.

An obvious reason for this may be that homeschooling caters to a child’s need with a tailor-made curriculum along with teaching experience and yes not to forget those extra hands-on activities.

Myth 2: Homeschooling may become boring

Well, the fact is that homeschooling can not be repetitive or boring but it can definitely be something different for you and your child. The best part of homeschooling is that you can relive your life with your children as you help them realise theirs. Though the journey of homeschooling is full of many experiences, challenges, adventures, failures, it is solely a journey where you and your kid travel.

Myth 3: Qualified parents can only homeschool their children

As per research, parents qualifications, income or the environment of the house do not influence the decision of whether a child should be homeschooled or not. It is not of utmost importance to be a teacher in order to homeschool your child. All you have to do is to do some necessary paperwork with the local governing body in charge of schools.

Myth 4: Learning is limited by homeschooling

Humans have always tried to adapt to their surroundings and that is how we have evolved such a lot over the years. If we look back at our ancestors, we only learn one thing that is, we follow the genetic theory of adaptation – learn and adapt!

Similarly, children are always learning new things each day. This is one fact which cannot be taken away from them. Homeschooling gives an environment for a flexible schedule with children but at the same time, parents should be on a lookout to explore different aspects which will enhance a child’s personality and conduct.

Myth 5: Homeschooling can lead a child to have a lonely life

Well, homeschooling has been increasing in the past few years. There are many platforms where parents and children can meet and discuss issues. Several non-profit organisations, forums, online and offline groups get together and organise activities like zoo trips, field trips and other educational tours. Children always find a way to socialise themselves and when they come in touch with people and other children at homeschooling communities they learn and share their knowledge as well.

Myth 6: Children who are homeschooled may find it challenging in the real world

It is not necessary that the real world may not throw challenges at a child who has completed education from a traditional school. In the past few years, homeschooled children have done exceptionally well. The so-called real world is as bright or rude to them like it is for the others. The top colleges like the MIT and the IIT’s have opened their arms and welcome these children willingly. And yes, these children perform well and create a niche for themselves.

This is the jet-set technology age. Each day there are many advancements like ed-tech and game-based learning. Soon there will come a time when the child may educate himself with the elaborate curriculum. A student, child is always on a lookout to learn something new. They are curious to gather all the knowledge and this can be from anyone like their teachers, parents, friends, even the helpers at school and home or some community.

Let them spread their wings, let them learn, let them fly while they still have a curiosity behind why what where how?

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