A Sense Of Freshness

What is fresh… are we giving our children fresh food, drinks, and even air?

When you hear the word “Fresh”, what flashes across your mind? The first thing that comes to my mind is that the product is free of preservatives, in its natural condition and most important not stale. Even when it comes to groceries, I ensure we only buy freshest of products, to keep everyone in the house healthy. Lately, an incident took place which has literally changed my definition for fresh.

Last month we were traveling and it seemed that the cool weather had bartered itself with a warm day in the midst of February. My daughter asked for some water and to my surprise, she did not want to drink after one sip. When I asked her what happened she told me that the water tasted bad. I wondered and tried it myself … yes, the water did not taste fresh and was nowhere close to what I had filled in the bottle at home.

coconutWe pulled over a store and got some coconut water in Tetra Pak carton. It tasted so good and was quite fresh. What amazed me was the fact that, coconut water is very sensitive and it starts decomposing and turns pink as soon as it is opened. However, what we tasted was very close to the natural taste and texture.

On returning home I did some study about Tetra Pak. The company allows storage of coconut water to remain fresh for a longer period of time. The flavours and its properties are all intact with the aseptic packaging form of Tetra Pak. This form of packaging allows food to retain its texture and colour without any preservatives.

In fact, I was surprised to find out that Tetra Pak deals not only with milk and coconut water but many products like soups, ice creams, yogurt, fortified drinks, soy products and nutritional beverages for elders. These products undergo stringent processing and packaging, enabling a longer shelf life.

dripTetra Pak has a unique six layer packaging protection. The package is lightweight and stable with paperboard and a thin layer of polyethylene which seals and protects the liquids from any outside moisture. Then there is thin layers of aluminium foil which leads to the protection of juices against oxygen, light and unnatural flavours.

The other feature which Tetra Pak possesses is the UHT or Ultra High Technology. In this the microorganisms are destroyed without much alteration in the taste of the product.

During my research, I also found myself debunking a myth regarding the Tetra Pak cartons. It is said that the Tetra Pak cartons contain more plastic than paper. The reality is that the cartons are made of paper which is fully recyclable. It is recycled into notebooks and school desks.

After a detailed study of Tetra Pak and its huge range of products I was satisfied with all my concerns regarding food safety.I found the key to my family’s wellness with the Tetra Pak products being available in convenient and affordable packaging… not to forget, with the goodness of being farm fresh.

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