How Tea Made A Place In My Life

Tea and I really don’t go hand in hand. A lot of us love tea and can’t let a day go by it. Some like it strong, some like it milky, some like it light, some like it piping hot, some like it cold(iced tea) and some like it green or black. But as for, me I cannot say the same.

I have grown up in a boarding school. So in the evenings when my peers would fill their mugs to the brim with tea, I would not. Then in college (again a hostel), girls would prepare tea in the rooms. They would sneak in some milk and make tea in the electric kettle. For many, it was a saviour during the exams as it would help them to stay awake. For some, it was also a signal of motion clearance early in the morning which otherwise would not happen. But for me … TEA … never happened to make a place, as I didn’t need it to clear my bowels or for staying up late to study.

When I got married I realised that I am in a family of tea lovers. Okay, by tea lovers I don’t mean that they like their huge cups of tea. Instead, they like to have tea 3-4 times a day and that too in small pint-sized glasses. Also, I didn’t know how to make tea (in short I did not know how to cook) for the simple fact that I didn’t drink it.

As per a ritual when a girl gets married and goes to her husband’s house for the first time she is supposed to cook something sweet and serve it to the family members. Why is something sweet cooked … so that the foundation of the new relationships are laid on sweetness. Here I was in trouble, so I walked up to my mother in law and spoke to her regarding the same. She understood and said, “no worries just make ‘chai’, everyone will be happy.”

I was in a catch 22 situation I didn’t know whether to tell her that I did not know how to make tea or should I just try making tea. But hubby dear acted like the knight in shining armour and saved me from the situation. Finally, my mother in law made an awesome masala chai for everyone. She asked me to pour it in the pint-sized glasses and serve it to everyone … thereby giving the impression that I had made it. But my father in law did catch on and others just said that I made the tea exactly like her.

My woes with tea did not end here. As a new bride whenever I went to meet someone I would be offered tea. To their surprise, I would say no. Then they would say oh you don’t drink tea as you will become dark (forgive me I am not a racist). A lot of puns were made some intentionally and some unintentionally. But no one really knew why I did not drink tea.

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But of late my equation with tea has changed. I started drinking green tea on the pretext of having warm water. But I realised that it is just not warm water and it helped me in some ways. I am still not a fan of the milky or the Indian masala chai. If given an option I would still opt for coffee on any given day. However, green tea has made a place in my life. Having said that, I also try the different types of green teas available with my favourite being the jasmine green tea.

So why do I like jasmine green tea? It is because it has a subtle and delicate flavour along with an aroma of jasmine. It is not too strong and just perfect to unwind. Tea is a mood lifter and drinking jasmine tea just alleviates the benefits by reducing the risk of severe diseases. So while you guys are having ‘chai pe charcha’, I am just gonna head back and enjoy my piping hot cup of jasmine tea which is brewing.


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