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Birthday parties can be quite drab if the cake is missing. With elaborate cakes and interesting details, cakes become the main attraction of the party. Light up your child’s birthday with this talented baker’s amazing cakes…

We just celebrated my daughter’s 5th birthday last week … this reminds me that I also need to update her age on my blog page … as it still mentions 3 years, time flies. I started this blog when she was 3 and now both the blog and the little one are 2 years older. It indeed is a great feeling. Well, coming back to my daughter’s birthday celebration (just got carried away), she wanted to throw a party for her friends and we decided that her wish shall be fulfilled.

A fortnight before her birthday, I finally took the plunge, pulled up my socks and started preparing for the party right from the venue to the menu and the return gifts and not to forget the cake. While all the other things fell into place the major star of the show was missing.We just could not settle for a perfect CAKE!! and to add to my woes my daughter wanted a fancy cake.

Time was ticking away and we were just a week away … still no cake!! Then suddenly out of the blue, a distant cousin suggested Garima’s name. Garima is the owner of Xanthe’s Chocolate House. They offer home made Chocolates, Fudge and Cakes that are pure, high quality and delicious; uniquely crafted and not to forget customized.

Without further delay, I gave her a call. I only spoke to her once and rest we communicated through messages … but the output was extraordinary.

Out of the many designs, Garima, my daughter and I had put forth on the plate, the three of us finally settled for a Peppa Pig theme cake. Why this cake was given preference, firstly, my daughter is in love with the piggy family, so her choice had to be honoured, after all the birthday girl. Secondly, I am not a great fan of fondant cakes, since I have seen it being wasted on many occasions. So Garima offered to help us by giving us a cream based cake with the piggy family and other details in fondant. She not only customised the cake but also gave me creative inputs to personalize the same. Next was the flavour! Along with some top selling flavours, she also suggested us flavours which she often plays with. We finally settled for vanilla strawberry cake. Finally, the cake was ordered!! This was the last I spoke to her and just waited for her magic to unravel on the party day. Though, I did send her numerous messages all through the week.

My daughter wanted Peppa pig toys instead of the fondant figures. Basically, she opted for toys so that she could play with them later on. I messaged to Garima and she readily agreed to put toys instead of fondant ones. So I ordered the Peppa Pig family on Amazon and got it delivered to her doorstep. The only hitch we had was, that we were running short of time and were not certain whether the pigs would be delivered on time or not. But Garima had a solution for this as well, she offered to make the fondant ones in case the toys did not arrive on time.

Aarika’s 5th Birthday Cake

Soon, the big day arrived. We collected the cake from her residence and when I saw it I was mesmerized. It was simply incredible and creative right down to the minute details of the sandwiches, doughnuts and a cake on the picnic mat for the piggy family. The pigs looked rather cute. The many flowers, butterflies and bumble bees on the green icing grass looked too beautiful to cut the cake. All the happiness doubled when I saw a big smile (molar to molar) on my daughter’s face.

I was just waiting for the moment when my daughter would cut the cake. At the party when the cake was to be cut, children could not keep their hands off the cake as it not only looked yummy but also beautiful. Finally, the cake was cut and after serving it to all the guests, I had the first bite. I don’t remember the count of the cakes that I have eaten… but this one was simply incredible. Normally cakes that look good don’t taste good but this cake was a perfect combination of taste and look.

Garima with her spatula and edible pens has indeed carved out one of the best cakes for my daughter…

So next time around, when pondering where to order that yummy cake from, do try the Xanthe’s Chocolate House. Garima patiently listens and customises the cake as per you and comes out with the results that are a treat not only for the eyes but also for the taste buds, as they ask you leaving for more.

Here are some cakes which Garima has baked for her happy customers:

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