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As mothers, we are always running after our little ones and hardly get any time for ourselves pre-pregnancy, post-pregnancy or even two years down the line. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a fairy godmother that could take care of us? I would definitely love to have one!! Also, my wish has come true courtesy MamaEarth’s Traditional Recipes.

MamaEarth, a brand known for its safety, honesty, mum empowerment and not to forget natural ingredients, has launched their new Herb-infused Health and Wellness range of products. The secret behind these products is that they have been made by using traditional recipes.

I am an ardent fan of MamaEarth’s products for the baby and mama. I have been very happy with their products and thus an obvious choice to try the new range of products which have been specially created for mothers to help them survive the initial days of postpartum, pre and post pregnancy.

I was very happy to receive a goody bag from Mama Earth. From the many products they have launched, my bag contained Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Stress Tea for Mama. Now I have been using these for almost ten days and I have witnessed some remarkable changes as well.

Here is my take on these products:

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar is a concoction made with 100% organic apples, extra mother, turmeric, ginger, Manuka Honey and 5% vinegar. Moreover, it comes with the extra strands of ‘Mother’. The ‘Mother’ refers to the enzymes and nutrients which remain intact. These are found in the form of a cloudy dark substance in the vinegar usually formed by the pectin and apple residue. This drink helps in weight reduction.

Directions for Use: The Apple Cider Vinegar comes in a bottle of 500ml. Before use, make sure to shake the bottle well. Dilute 10ml of ACV in 250ml of water. Care should be taken not to exceed the dosage. Avoid having it directly. Also, don’t eat anything 30 minutes prior or after the drink.

Price: Rs 599/- for 500ml.

Availability: MamaEarth, Amazon, Nykaa

My Verdict: The apple cider vinegar has a strong smell of vinegar with apple and ginger. When mixed with water it gives a nice brown coloured drink. I sip on to this drink for almost 30 minutes as I like to savor the taste and tantalize my taste buds. This has become my morning drink for the past ten days while flipping through the news papers. The things that worked for me:

  • It improved my digestion ( I have had indigestion problems for ages)
  • Lead to a glow on my face
  • Gave me healthy skin
  • Lost some weight 🙂 ( very happy, since I have been trying hard to lose weight after I gave birth to my daughter)

Stress Tea for Mama

These days everyone faces stress … be it at home, or work or just the fact that you are looking after your little one. The tea comes with the goodness of herbs like Cinnamon bark, Sarsaparilla root, and Eucalyptus leaf. These ingredients claim to de-stress you by reducing tension and fatigue along with promoting relaxation. It comes in an attractive tin box with 30 infusion bags.

Directions for Use: Put an infusion bag in a cup of boiling water. Let it stand for 10-15 minutes and don’t forget to cover the cup. For a perfect drink, it is important that the temperature of the water and steeping time should be optimized so that the beneficial components of the ingredients end up in the cup.

Price: Rs 599/- for 30 infusion bags.

Availability: MamaEarth, Amazon, Nykaa

My Verdict: I was having a rather bad day since the morning, screaming at everyone and stressing out. I had totally forgotten about the stress tea for mama. Amidst all my screaming, my gaze fixed on the blue tin box on the kitchen shelf. I picked up the box and thought of trying it then and there. What worked for me:

  • It relieved stress instantly
  • Uplifted my mood (as very soon I was a happy soul)
  • Relieved fatigue
  • The taste of the eucalyptus lingered on for a long time giving me a sense of relaxation

The traditional recipes from MamaEarth work like a Genie In A Bottle and sure are perfect companions for mothers in their best and worst days.

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