What Not To Eat While Breastfeeding

While breastfeeding you can eat anything but some babies might react to the food eaten by their mother’s. Find out which foods lead to discomfort in babies…

While breastfeeding our baby everyone suggests a list of foods we should eat and those we should avoid. We are told to avoid certain foods but a valid reason is not given for missing those foods out of our menu; the reason being that they might lead to fussiness, colic, and discomfort in babies. However, some mom’s might need to change their eating habits because certain foods might cause sensitivity leading to an upset baby.

Here is a list of some foods you should not have:

  1. Alcohol: Well we all know the reason why we should give this a miss. Also, a new study states that drinking any amount of alcohol during pregnancy and breastfeeding exposes a baby to 428 diseases which in turn are linked to Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. (Source: TOI)
  2. Cruciferous vegetables: These are usually gassy vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli. These are said to lead to a gassy and irritable baby.
  3. Coffee: Drinking your favourite drink might lead to some caffeine in the breast milk. This caffeine enters the baby and they are not able to excrete it out from their bodies as efficiently as adults. This makes them grumpy, cranky and of course sleepless. coffee
  4. Chocolate: Chocolate lovers beware…just as coffee and tea, chocolate also contains some caffeine. So cut back your chocolate indulgence if you think it is causing trouble to your little one.
  5. Citrus Fruit: These fruits have some compounds which might lead to the irritation the underdeveloped gastrointestinal tract of babies. It might lead to diaper rash, fussiness and spitting in some babies. Compensate your vitamin C, through other foods such as mango and papaya.
  6. Dairy Products: Some babies might have cow’s milk intolerance (lactose intolerance). For these babies, symptoms towards the allergens of milk are vomiting and colic. If this happens to be the case, give a miss to dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, milk, and ice-cream.
  7. Eggs: The egg white tends to lead to egg allergies in children. Eggs are used in a lot of foods and if a breastfeeding mother suspects problems due to it; it could be avoided.hot-chilies
  8. Fish: It does not cause any gas or fussiness but one should be aware of the mercury levels in the fish. The mercury can enter the baby through the breast milk which might be harmful. As per FDA, 12 ounces of fish with low levels of mercury should be consumed by a nursing mother.
  9. Peppermint: Fond of peppermint and peppermint flavored tea… cut it out as it tends to reduce the milk supply.
  10. Spicy Foods: your love for spicy food can lead to an uncomfortable baby. Your baby might land up fussing for hours and you might not even know the reason.

Ladies eat a normal diet and breastfeed your babies, but at the same time look out for signs for fussiness in babies. Maintain a chart of what you eat that might lead to fussiness in your baby. Once you find out the allergens give those foods a miss out of your menu.

Till then Happy Breastfeeding!!!

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