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“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” ― Mark Twain

As a part of the Blogchatter Book Review, I had reviewed, Dr Surbhi Prapanna’s book published under the name – Creative Kids“. This was a book of my choice. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her book. It includes a lot of creative activities for children along with exercises and activities for the whole family. You can read the book review here: Creative Kids

Last week, I got a chance to interact with Surbhi over mail. She is a very nice person with 2 girls who keep her busy. I decided to interview her for her new book and here is what our conversation looked like:

1.  With your first book published, how do you feel being an author?

I am feeling so thrilled and excited. It is like a dream come true. I started my blogging journey only a few years ago and never thought that I would reach this stage so soon. Thanks a lot to all my readers, family and friends for supporting me in my awesome journey.

2. Describe what your ideal writing space looks like?

I prefer to keep my writing space organized with the minimum needed stuff. I like to add a personal creative touch to my space by adding fresh flowers and curios on my table. Also, I always have my to-do writing assignment list.

3. Where did you get the idea for your book?

My girls are the main source of inspiration behind this book. I used to do different creative activities with them to keep them engaged. When I decided to participate in Blogchatter A2Z, I documented these activities and it was then the idea of converting it into a book materialised. I am so happy and satisfied with my theme selection for writing my first ebook. Hope it will help parents to raise creative kids.

4. When did you first realise that you wanted to be a writer?

As I said earlier, it was in my mind since last 2-3 year and I was in the process of writing a book. The idea only came into action this year in April.

5. Describe one of your favourite activity mentioned in the book?

My favourite activity in the book is “Nature-inspired crafts”. My daughters and I had loads of fun while doing this. Also, I received much love and appreciation from readers for the same topic. So, yes, this one is really special.

6. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?

I learnt a lot while creating my first ebook. It was a fun process and I am so happy with this fact that my first book is dedicated to my little girls. I am a proud mom too because my girls had contributed so much in my author journey.

7. Give us an interesting fact about your book

I had finished formatting, editing and all other things related to book publication in just 2 days, and this is the most interesting fun fact of my book that I will remember for years.

8. What is the strangest thing you have ever had to research online for your book?

Honestly speaking my book is completely based on personal experience and I did not do any serious research for the same.

9. Do you have any unique or quirky writing habits?

My quirky writing habit…I can start writing on any kind of pages, at any time of day, if any unique idea strikes my mind.

10. What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?

I had received so many awards for academic and professional excellence but receiving “Best parent award” is the best accomplishment of my life.

This author interview is carried out as part of the blogchatter book review program (#blogchatterEbook).

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