Make Your Christmas Magical

December is all about fun, sun and not to forget red and green the colors synonymous with Christmas. It’s that time of the year again … to be merry and happy. Find out how you can make your Christmas magical…

With less than a week left for Christmas there sure is a lot of excitement in the air. Make your Christmas magical by adding some sparkle and charm to your celebrations along with your kids.

Here is a list of things to do things to make your Christmas magical:

  1. If you have not decorated the tree yet then don’t worry, run down to a gift shop which offer ready-made trees. Pick the one you like best. Buy some ornaments and lights to decorate it. In case you don’t want an artificial tree you could also visit a nursery to pick a tree of your choice. Once you get it home decorate it.article-2234929-0EE6E87000000578-907_306x434
  2. Christmas is incomplete without the carols. Create a CD with all the carols in one place and you can play them on the Christmas eve as well as
  3. Watch some heart warming Christmas movies. The Polar Express, The Snowman, Elf and Miracle on 34th Street are some movies that create the magic of Christmas perfectly.ChristmasMoviesBanner
  4. Get your kid to write a letter to Santa, telling him that he/she has been a good child and deserves a big hug and a good gift. 🙂santa_letter_1_with_text_icon
  5. Ask your child to donate his/her toys (the one’s they have outgrown). Christmas is a feeling of sharing and giving … teach your child the same.d-artistic-christmas-toys-needy-families-christmas-toys-shop-christmas-toys-sold-out-christmas-toys-salvation-army-christmas-toys-stolen-christmas-toys-sale-walmart-christmas-toys-singing-chri
  6. Bake chocolate date and nuts cake, Santa’s favourite cake. Also, it is an easy way to make your kid eat nuts. A big slice of this along with milk taste awesome along with the goodness of raisins, cashew nuts and dates. You can ask them to help you while baking the cake.Chilled Fruit Salad & Nut Christmas Cake 67image.5fbd8c1a340d409232eabc13ea344bd6
  7. Get crafty with kids by making the Christmas ornaments, cards, bottle-cap and pom-pom snowmen, clay and paper wreaths, Christmas stockings, reindeer, and baubles and many more.4979a337a48ad2e73d139ce4d4de0e7f
  8. Buy gifts for your loved ones. Pack them at home … ask your kid to help you with the wrapping of the gifts. You could personalize them with your child’s hand print or footprint (it looks like a reindeer – though you have to draw the nose and horns).Footprint-Reindeer-560x536
  9. Hang stockings for Santa to leave a present for you. You could get your child to make his/her own stocking.PCR14_13H242X_ENVIRO_CP_SQ-$PCRProductImage$
  10. Last but not the least capture all the memories and make an album. You can keep seeing them day after day until next

And since there are a few days to go so:

You better watch out

You better not cry

Better not pout

I’m telling you why

Santa Claus is coming to town santa2

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