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When asked about the things you don’t like you take time and ponder over those things. But when asked about your favourite things, you can literally list them on your fingers. Is’nt it?

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I got up earlier than the others this weekend. After the morning rituals, I switched on the radio and headed towards the kitchen to make a nice hot cup of coffee for myself. Nice old English numbers were playing. Quickly I made my coffee and moved to the balcony, my most favourite place in the house. While sipping on coffee and listening music a very hit number of yesteryears started to play.

I increased the volume as I love this song from the movie, “The Sound of Music” sung by Judie Andrews. As I heard the song, I started humming along with the lyrics:

Raindrops on roses
And whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favourite things
I have seen this movie umpteen times while growing up, and am fond of all the songs in the movie. While listening to the music and browsing my phone, I came across this weekends prompt, 30 Things That Make You Happy by Blogadda. They chose this prompt so that we all take a small break from our busy lives and reflect on what actually makes us happy. At first, I did not want to attempt this but then my mind started going back and forth with the thoughts of the things that actually make me happy. This was a great luxury … having to reflect on me and only me.
Here is a list of ’30 things that make me happy’:
  1. Mornings make me happy: I love the mornings, as that is my me time. I spend time with myself, my plants and often trying to experiment in the kitchen (which otherwise I am not too fond of).
  2. Sunrise and Sunsets: These are beautiful indications. When there is a sunset, it always reminds me that there is going to be a new day with a beautiful sunrise. Along with this, the new day brings in hopes and opportunities. The sunset reminds me that missed opportunities can be given a new horizon with the sunrise.
  3. The view from my balcony: This reminds me of my childhood. Having grown up, and spending a major part of my life in the hills, I find a solace in them. When we shifted to Pune, the small hills around my house resonated with the same feeling I used to have when I was a child.
  4. Pitter Patter raindrops: I love the rain, though I don’t enjoy getting drenched in the rain. I love the sound – the tapur tipur, against the corrugated tin sheet in my balcony.
  5. The birds and butterflies: The chirping birds and the butterflies hovering over the flowers is just so perfect. Both make me realise that I should sit back, take a break and relax. In this fast pacing world, we seldom stop and appreciate them and their music.
  6. Painting: As a child, I used to paint a lot. I loved to experiment with the watercolours and hues they created. This particular activity has slowly died but I want to start with it all over again. Thinking about the things that made me happy even included this. I love being creative. Most of my daughter’s school projects are made at home. My creativity also involves my daughter and I see a reflection of me in her.
  7. A book by my bedside: I love to keep a book by my bedside, irrespective of whether I am reading or not. Reading deepens my quest for knowledge and even if its just one paragraph or a page I have to read.
  8. Coffee: Until I get a strong cup of coffee, my day does not start well. Coffee for me is a great stress buster, a companion of my thoughts, a medication for my splitting headaches and of course when friends are over.
  9. Chocolate truffle cake: Digging into a chocolate truffle cake gives a divine feeling of being in heaven. On taking the first bite, when the flavours of the chocolate with the moist cake burst in the mouth just give an extraordinary feeling.
  10. Clean sheets: The feeling of lying on a clean sheet is just out of this world. The day the sheets are changed I sleep like a baby. My obsessiveness for cleanliness is such that I don’t even share my pillow with anyone.
  11. Hot water bath: My threshold for hot is too much. I actually take a hot water bath even in the summers. I just love the feeling of hot droplets.
  12. Taking responsibilities: After getting married, the whole household responsibilities came on me. Earlier I used to crib. Being a pampered daughter I was not aware of these. But I thank my husband for this. He walked with me at each nook and bend of our life and now I don’t shirk away from my responsibilities.
  13. Motherhood: I thank my daughter for this gift. With her, I was born as a mother. She not only introduced me to motherhood but also made me realise the importance of my mother. I also came face to face with my cravings while I was pregnant which otherwise take a back seat.
  14. Becoming a child again: With my daughter, I have become a child again. We laugh, play and share jokes. I love her company and she sees me as her role model.
  15. Newfound love for cooking: I again have to thank my daughter for this. Because of her, I started to try new things. I experimented with healthy and easy recipes when she turned 6 months. Now as she is growing, I have become much better with my culinary skills barring a few accidents sometimes.
  16. Watching cartoons: When my daughter watches her favourite cartoons like Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol, I can’t stop myself from watching them too. The idea of me sitting and watching these is the big bright smile I get to see on my daughter’s face.
  17. Going for walks: Going on walks makes me feel closer to nature. It allows me to take in the beauty of the little things. God must have had a lot of patience that he created this world with ease and perfection. Taking pride in seeing these reminds me of the lyrics of ‘All things bright and beautiful’.
  18. Love for travelling: I love travelling and cherishing each moment. I love the fact that travel can make a person wiser and richer. Travel allows to explore the world and come face to face with the diverse cultures. I have a bucket list of 100 places I want to visit before I die. Few have been ticked off, few are under construction while many still have to wait for their turn.
  19. Celebrating festivals: Of the many festivals we have, my favourite is Diwali. It seems that everything comes to life with thousands of diyas. The colourful rangolis and the torans make the house a warm and lively place. Ditching the crackers for a greener Diwali is what I pledge for, not now but from the very beginning.
  20. Fairies, the tooth fairy and Santa Claus: I love playing a fairy, tooth fairy and Santa Claus to my daughter. Though one day I am going to tell her the truth, until then I want her to dwell in the fantasy world of fairies and the tooth fairy, for as long as its possible. Much can be taught to such small children who without questioning are eager to make everyone happy and especially the fairies, who keep rewarding them for their small acts of kindness… Also at the same time children of such an impressionable age keep adding more knowledge.
  21. Writing: My love for writing was accidentally discovered. After I had my daughter, I left my job to become a full-time hands-on mother. I used to maintain her day to day activities in her journal. One day I showed it to my grandmother who urged me to write. I went ahead and started my blog.
  22. My Blog: My blog is my second baby. I love it as much as my daughter, though there are times that it gets neglected. Through my blog, I have made a new place for myself in the world of writing. I have made new friends and because of it I explore for new sites and prompts to write on.
  23. Featured posts: When my blogs are featured, it makes me happy. The many awards and prizes I win for my writing make me believe that I can do better. With this, I just keep pushing my self to perform better with each passing day.
  24. Parents: My mom and dad are my most favourite people. They are the ones I can rely on in any given situation. They are the essence of my life. They are the ones who gave me the beautiful gift by bringing me into this world. I can’t seem to thank them enough. They have been my pillars of strength from the very beginning. From my first smile to my first walk and to my first day at school, college and job they have always applauded and boosted me.
  25. Family: My husband and daughter are one of the reasons for my happiness. Our small family resonates with the feelings of togetherness. Even though there are times when all of us are not on the same page, I cherish them with each passing year and my love for them grows stronger.
  26. Grandmother: My grandmother at the age of 95 teaches me a lot through her experiences. She shares her experiences and memories of the independence time. Seeing her I believe that one can lead a happy and healthy life.
  27. Siblings: Though we hardly meet now, the bond we share is great. In them, I find a confidant, a friend, an enemy and a frenemy. They are always there in hard times and I am grateful for this.
  28. Inlaws: I like my in-laws because they gave me the most precious thing in their life – their son. They have instilled great values in him which reflect when he talks to me, my daughter or any other person. They have taught him to take care of others which reflect in his deeds.
  29. My Dog: My dog Snowball. He is no more, but in him, I found a faithful friend. Through him, I learnt to love unconditionally without any expectations. Through him, I learnt to live for my self as well as for others.
  30. Giving back to the society:  Whenever it is possible I try to give back to the society. Be it funding for a girl child’s education or helping rebuild Kerala, giving back to the society gives a nice feeling about my existence.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

Writing this prompt allowed me to sit back and reflect on my self. I thought I could count my favourite things on my fingers, but it was not that easy. After jotting down 10, I almost gave up, phew! But I sat down and thought about the actual things which made me happy, which appealed to my five senses. After all, the body is in sync with the five senses with which we are all gifted.

the body is in sync with the five senses with which we are all gifted. Click To Tweet

If not for the eyes, we could not see the beautiful scenes, if not for the ears we could not hear the beautiful music around us. Being devoid of the sense of smell would not allow us to take in the various fragrances of the flowers, food and the surroundings. Similarly, touch and taste also play appropriate roles. Had we not been blessed with them we would not be able to taste and touch life.

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Well, about me I can say that I am a certified dentist, healthcare analyst, medical writer and above all a mother of a 6-year-old. Most of my day to day activities revolve around her and she is my inspiration to start this blog. As a mother, I experimented with a lot of new things for my little one in a quest to find the best for her. I just want to share my experiences of being a happy and content mum.


    • Shubhra Rastogi
      August 28, 2018

      Thanks for reading and visiting by…

    • Shubhra Rastogi
      August 28, 2018

      Thanks for reading and visiting by…

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