10 Precautions To Take If Your Child Has Asthma

That wheezing and a queasy feeling are enough to let your child feel low while you secretly pray for your child’s health before every weather change. Here are some precautions which can help you to minimise the asthmatic attack your child can have…

To define asthma in simple words, it is a chronic condition that affects the airways or air tubes that go to the lungs. Asthma affects both children and adults though it is more common among children because the airways or air tubes are smaller as compared to the adults. Hence the management of asthma gets tougher in children.

The common symptoms associated with asthma in children are labored breathing  (this is because of the swollen airways), wheezing, persistent cough especially at nights and early mornings and chest tightness.

Asthma is often inherited and can also be caused by external factors and viral infections. The common triggers of asthma may vary from person to person. Asthma may set in as a result of exposure to smoke, pollutants, allergens (like pollen, dust, animals), over-exertion because of exercise, exposure to cold air/ weather changes and cold and flu.

Here are some easy ways in which you can manage asthma to help reduce the asthmatic attacks which your child might experience:

  1. Medications should not be skipped and quick relief medicines should be kept handy. The ongoing treatment should only be discontinued on a physician’s advice.
  2. Stay in the air conditioning in monsoons. Also, clean the air conditioning unit filters once a week.
  3. Bed spreads, bed sheets, and pillow covers should be washed religiously with warm water at least once a week.
  4. Try to keep the house dust free with regular dusting and vacuuming. Stuffed toys should be washed regularly and unnecessary clutter should be discarded.
  5. Keep the bathrooms dry and well-ventilated to prevent mold growth. Bathrooms should be cleaned with disinfectants, bleach, and detergents to avoid mold. 
  6. Do not allow pets inside the bedrooms, as dander from their fur may fall and stay in the room which may easily trigger an asthmatic attack. Also, avoid using carpets as these become home to dust mites, animal dander, and dust particles. If at all you want to use carpets then care must be taken to clean them.
  7. Refrain your child from going out in the monsoons and windy weather. In the rainy season, there is pollen in the air and this can be one of the triggers.
  8. Do not smoke near your child and don’t use scented candles or incense sticks.
  9. Parents must be well-informed about asthma and ensure that adequate precautions are taken to prevent the onset of asthma along with the management of the severity of the child’s symptoms.
  10. Last but not the least, don’t forget to educate your child to handle asthma-related symptoms in your absence. Make sure that they carry their medicines and inhalers to school. Also, inform your child’s teacher and school that your child is asthmatic.

These precautions are sure to help your child reduce the asthmatic attacks.

These are just suggestions. Do consult your child’s doctor before giving, changing or discontinuing any medication.

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  1. November 14, 2017

    Hey Shubhra
    Another tip that can work if your child has Asthma. Take five leaves of fresh ocimum tenuifloram and wash them with clean water. Chop these leaves into very small pieces and add some honey to it. Give it to the baby two times a day regularly for three to four weeks according to the requirement.

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