5 Must Have Apps for the New Age Parents

Parenting is not always a bed of roses, and, if you get some help that too, in the form of smart apps, well…it just saves your day, making a huge difference in your daily routine.

New parents and especially the new mother can get very hassled with sleepless nights, diapering, breastfeeding, nursing, nurturing and not to forget to be there for their little one almost 24*7. Among all this trying to find time for yourself can be little impossible. Also, this constant cycle can take a toll on on your health.

But worry not, there is help available in the form of some really helpful apps through for your smartphone.

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds and has managed to make a mark in the baby care domain as well. There are apps which help you to analyse your little one’s mood, feeding time, milk time, naps and believe it or not, there is an app which signals whether your baby needs a diaper change or not.

Must say technology has really made life easy for young parents. Here are some APPsolutely amazing Apps to help you take care of your baby while you take out some time for yourself:

  1. Baby Sleep Instant: This app helps your baby sleep instantly. There are many instances when your baby is well fed, clean and not colicky, but still, she is crying. This often happens when the babies are unable to sleep. Baby sleep instant helps the baby sleep with the use of monotonous low-frequency sounds. These sounds are the sounds of a shower, hairdryer, train, fan, heartbeats, vacuum cleaner and washing machine. These sounds are considered to be as effective as a lullaby.
  2. WebMD Baby: This is synonymous to a paediatrician in your pocket. It has extensive content with almost 400 articles, 70 videos and 598 tips to offer for baby and toddler care, emergencies, illnesses,  milestones, vaccines and much more. The app also offers a comprehensive combination of the breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and solid-food tracker, sleep tracker, diaper tracker, growth tracker and baby book. 
  3. Baby Monitor: Not near your baby and want to keep a tab about her. Well, this app helps you keep an eye on your baby even when you are not around and the baby is sleeping in another room. When the baby cries, baby monitor calls or texts you. The other features of the app are image surveillance (takes the picture of the baby when the alarm is triggered), sleep diary (notes to see how long does the baby sleep) and tips on how to put your baby to sleep. 
  4. The Wonder Weeks: The wonder weeks is a blessing in disguise for the new parents who often wonder what the hell is going on. This app has been Awarded the Coolest App for Moms along with other credentials in its kitty. The wonder week is a personalised calendar with day to day developmental changes of your baby. The app is very helpful in the first 20 months, as it helps you analyse what is going on in your baby’s head and allows you to plan for the next leap with ease. Since the baby’s brain keeps changing, they make mental and developmental advancements very quickly. This often leads to poor appetite, irregular sleep, clinging, crankiness and crying. Thus the app helps you to understand what your baby can do after the leap and what you can do to help her. You can install this app for INR 110/- 
  5. Journey – Diary, Journal: With this app you can save your baby’s memories, daily events, secrets, and beautiful moments with you forever. Journey helps you to future proof your memories by storing them in Google Drive. You can sync your journal across various platforms. You can maintain your journal by just adding your photos and thoughts and rest is done by the app, as it automatically extracts the temperature, weather, motion activity and location details. By adding a password you can safeguard your diary. Also, you can share the fun moments with your friends and family. In short “CAPTURE LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT!” 

While you get messages for your baby’s feeding time or a diaper change, these apps have definitely simplified parenting. Download these now and become a hAPPy Parent.


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