Are you ready to take the 6 weeks challenge!!

Tired of using chemical laden products for hair fall, which just lead to more hair fall? Take the 6-weeks challenge by Mama Earth and say hello to happy hair 🙂

How many of you face the situation of hair fall … I guess most of us. After I gave birth to my daughter, I felt that almost half the hair from my head had fallen out. And to my despair, the number of hair falling kept increasing with each passing day. I even got my hair cut very, very short since I feel that one sees less hair on the brush and floor.

While I was struggling with hair fall and had tried almost everything, Mama Earth launched an Anti-Hair Fall Kit!!

I received my kit just before Diwali. Along with it, I also got beautiful Diyas and a handwritten personalized card for Diwali from Ghazal, the mother and the brainchild behind Mama Earth. Ghazal and Varun have come a long way since the first time they launched their brand. They started the trusted brand with baby products and soon extended their range of products for to be mamas, new mamas, and experienced mamas 😉

The Anti Hair Fall Kit comes in a 4 easy step process right from the scalp to the hair follicle to the tips of the hair. And what more it gives you a 6 weeks challenge.

The kit consists of the following products:

Root Restore Hair Oil:

The first steps toward hair fall start with this root restore hair oil. This claims to repair the damaged hair along with providing nourishment and strengthening the hair. This is a concoction of many oils like the almonds, coconut, olive, rosemary, palmarosa, cinnamon bark, evening primrose, jojoba, and bhringraj along with Vitamin E. The oil should be massaged gently into the scalp for 30 minutes or more before washing.

Happy Heads Shampoo:

The second step is to wash and clean the head with the calming happy heads shampoo. This shampoo boasts of being chemical free. It provides nourishment to the scalp and is a very good cleanser for the hair and scalp. The ingredients of the shampoo consist of lactic acid, horse chestnut extract, biotin, Vitamin A and E, powder extracts of amla and bhringraj along with oils of clary sage, lavender and essential. For great results with these ingredients, the shampoo should be massaged into the wet hair and left for 2 minutes for absorption and deep penetration, before washing.

No More Tangles Conditioner:

The third step is to use the conditioner. It controls the frizz, detangles the hair and moisturizes the brittle hair.  The No More Tangles Conditioner possesses the goodness of cocoa butter, shea butter, amla extract, and milk protein, fenugreek extract along with essential oils of tea tree, lemon, rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood. The suggested use of the conditioner is an application of adequate amount on the hair right from the roots to the tips for 2-3 minutes before rinsing.

Pro-Growth Hair Tonic:

The fourth and the final step is the daily use of this hair tonic. The pro-growth hair tonic improves the hair density, strengthens hair roots and most importantly reduces hair fall. The hair tonic comes with the wholesomeness of aqua, glycerin, and Korean red ginseng extract with basil and geranium essential oils. For best results, this should be used directly on the scalp daily for up to 6 weeks.

My Verdict:

Before using the products, I was a bit hesitant, why … because there are 4 products and I may land up spending a lot of time in the bathroom. But I still used them and my experience was amazing.

  • First and foremost it is a complete kit right from the pre-wash requisites to the post-wash care. To search for a satisfying hair care kit can be quite difficult, but this kit just fills the void. 
  • The products ensure hair re-growth. They work as a team. The oil activates a million cells of the scalp by nourishing them and removing the dead cells. The shampoo helps to cleanse the scalp gently. The conditioner further softens the hair and the hair tonic helps in advancing the hair health.
  • The products don’t use mineral oils, sulfates, and silicones. These are made with organic and natural ingredients. This is a true trademark of Mama Earth.
  • Since the ingredients are chemical free they enhance hair growth, strengthen hair follicles, provide a bounce to the hair and not to forget … reduce hair fall. The presence of Vitamin E and A, help to improve and nourish the hair from deep within.
  • It is dermatologically tested and can be used on all hair types without worry.
  • The kit is very easy to use with well-written instructions. The 4 easy steps ensure to provide good hair care, which we may miss in our otherwise frenetic lives.
  • The aromas from the products are mind-blowing. While I used them I felt that I am in a spa least realizing that I was sitting in my own bathroom.

I have not yet finished the 6 weeks challenge and is short of 5 weeks, but I am very happy with the results. I see less hair on my brush, on the floor, and in the bathroom. My hair feels softer than before and has got some bounce.

You can buy the complete kit, or opt to buy the products individually. But I would recommend buying the kit which is priced at Rs 1596/-, however, the price of the introductory offer is INR 999/- The amazing kit is available on Mama Earth, Amazon and Nykaa.

Still having hair troubles, so what are you waiting for … go ahead and take the challenge and don’t forget to share your experience.

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