How Lifestyle Changes Lead to Diseases in Children

Lifestyle changes are those which are chosen by an individual. This often deals with food habits, kind of toys, appliances and activities a person has. While many when opted can result to be fruitful some may lead to disasters and create havoc.

The lifestyle of children these days have indeed changed. Either they are glued to the television or to mobile phones. The empty parks raise an alarm as to why there are no children. Agreed technology is a boon and children get to learn new things each day. But it has a flip side as well. The recent lifestyle trend is not only a threat to adults but also to children. This lifestyle has also led to a rise in certain conditions which were unheard of in children.

Here are a few common lifestyle conditions in children:

Childhood Obesity: This is a serious condition which occurs in children and teenagers. It is believed that over the years childhood obesity has increased at a faster pace as compared to adult obesity. This condition is of concern because the extra kilos which a child puts on is the road to many diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and even high cholesterol. Obese children are at a greater risk of becoming obese adults as well. Not only this obesity in children also leads to depression and low self-esteem.

As per a study, the number of obese children in India is the second highest with almost 14,4 million cases being reported. Click To Tweet

Type 2 Diabetes: When we speak about children we don’t even consider the term diabetes for them. It was only the Type 1 diabetes which was seen in children, but there has been a drastic increase in the cases of Type 2 diabetes which was more common in middle-aged adults. A boom in economic growth and urbanization has increased the risk manifold. Apart from a genetic history, the sedentary lifestyle of a child also plays a major role in diabetes. Other factors which increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes are puberty, low birth weight, history of the mother with gestational diabetes.

According to a study, it is believed that Indian children at the time of puberty accumulate more fat as compared to the children in the US. Click To Tweet

Iron-deficiency anaemia: Iron is considered to be one of the most important micronutrients in the diet. It is necessary for the development and growth of a child. Iron not only helps in moving the oxygen from the lungs but also helps to store oxygen in the muscles. If children do not get appropriate iron from the diet then they may end up with iron deficiency anaemia. Studies show that obese children are at a higher risk of getting iron-deficiency anaemia. Lifestyle changes and dietary patterns lead to obesity which in turn lead to other conditions.

Did you know: Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anaemia in children Click To Tweet

Tooth Decay: These days it is very common in children aged 5-6 years of age to complain about a toothache. This is due to dental caries or tooth decay. As it is the dental awareness in India is very limited and on top of that, a changing trend in lifestyle and food has led to a rise in dental caries. Food, and specifically junk food like pizzas and burgers which are high in starch and sugar are responsible for giving rise to acid producing bacterias. These bacteria then attack the enamel and in turn, the tooth decays. Limiting sweets, junk food, aerated drinks, refined carbohydrates and starchy foods help to reduce tooth decay.

According to statistics, 40% of children aged between 2-11 years are likely to have tooth decay in their milk teeth. 20% of children aged between 6-11 years have in their permanent teeth. Click To Tweet

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