Dealing With Year-Round Allergies #A2ZChallenge

True, Spring is the time when the nose does more running than the child. But there are some children, whose nose run almost throughout the year.

Your child has been congested for quite some months now. Leave alone that she also has a runny nose and itchy eyes. Does this sound familiar? If yes, she may be suffering from a Year-Round Allergy.

First, let’s understand what is an allergy. An allergy happens when the immune system of the body reacts to something like medicine, plant or food. The things which cause an allergy are names as an allergen.

So what are year-round allergies? These are the allergies that happen throughout the year. These can also happen at any time of the year and are not restricted to just one season.

The year-round allergies are usually a result of allergens in the air, with the common one being the house dust. They usually lead to runny and stuffy nose with an itchy throat, nose and eyes. The best way to avoid this is by avoiding the allergen. However, medicines are helpful with the symptoms.

These allergies are caused by dander of pet animals, house dust and droppings from a cockroach.

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Along with a stuffy nose, itchy eyes and throat other symptoms to look out for are red, swollen eyes, sneezing, ear infection and recurrent sinus infections.

Preventing Year-Round Allergies:

These allergies can be treated with antihistamines, decongestants and corticosteroids. However, these can be prevented by avoiding allergens. Also, the following precautions can be taken:

  • Items which collect dust like books, magazines and little-little things should be removed
  • The upholstered furniture should be vacuumed regularly
  • Curtains and drapes should be regularly washed or replaced with blinds
  • Carpets should be cleaned frequently or replaced with throw rugs
  • Bedsheets, pillowcases and blankets should be washed regularly with hot water
  • Deep cleaning of the house should be performed
  • High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums and filters should be used
  • Air conditioners and humidifiers should be used to reduce the indoor humidity which is the culprit behind the breeding of dust mites
  • Exterminating of cockroaches

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  1. April 29, 2019

    A few decades earlier, as we were living more Indian lifestyle allergies were less prevalent. Because body will get used to pollens and other allergens and slowly develop some resistance. Nowadays, many kids do not get out of their clean homes. Many homes use air purifier. Besides, presence of pets leaver their own allergen on the furnitures. May be we have become more susceptible to allergic rhihinitis and diseases like that. Set aside a variety of other allergies that happen like food allergy, dress allergy (contact hypersensitivity) and the list goes on.

    • Shubhra Rastogi
      April 29, 2019

      So so agree with you.

  2. April 29, 2019

    I wrote my V post on the viral infection that affected Tuneer and me for more than a quarter this year. Your post brings back memories of difficult times. Your posts throughout this challenge have been full of helpful information for parents with children like me.

    • Shubhra Rastogi
      April 29, 2019

      Thank you so much Sonia.

    • Shubhra Rastogi
      April 29, 2019

      Thanks Vidhya

    • Shubhra Rastogi
      April 30, 2019

      Thanks Sanjota

  3. May 1, 2019

    My son suffers from year round allergies. Change of seasons, dust are his trigger factors. Wasnt aware of cockroaches being responsible for allergies. Thanks for yet another informative post!

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