Got Rid Of the Problem That Stopped My Baby from Playing

Every kid and baby is special, which is why Nasivion decongestant formula especially caters to little noses. Whether as a metered spray or as drops, these products are well tolerable and effective. A timely treatment makes their noses happy so that you can be happy too.

Almost a year back we relocated to Pune from Noida. Now Pune is known for its awesome weather. Though Pune has a hot and arid climate the rains lead to a dip in the temperature. The monsoons last from June to October. Even in the winters, the day temperature is very high while the temperature dips at night. Doesn’t the weather sound apt for long walks and drives? Well, it does. And the cool breeze that brushes against your face is breathtaking.

While the weather is stupendously fantabulous, it also poses health issues for the children. So when we first shifted, winters were going on. In winters the days are warm while the nights can become as cold as 9 degrees Celsius.

Since the days were warm, so I did not ask my daughter to wear anything warm. But as the day turned into the evening there was a nip in the wind and I surely didn’t take heed of the warning given to me by nature. The varying temperature was enough to play havoc in our life for the next few days. 🙁

My daughter was down with high temperature along with nasal congestion. Fever alone would have been fine but, the blocked nose literally sapped my baby. She became very inactive, didn’t want to play, eat and indulge in her day to day activities. On top of it, because of the blocked nose, she could not even sleep properly.

When children have a blocked nose they can be quiet difficult to handle, but then it’s not them. In case of a blocked nose the children experience:

  • Sleep deprivation Due to the nasal congestion, they are unable to sleep peacefully thus making them feel drowsy
  • Crankiness Since children are uncomfortable and sleep deprived they become extremely cranky
  • Difficulty in eating Nasal congestion also leads to a difficulty in eating and they avoid eating
  • Difficulty in breathing Children aged between 0-1 years are obligatory nose breathers. In the case of nasal congestion, children find it very difficult to breathe.

My daughter’s temperature came down soon, but nasal congestion persisted. This was affecting both my daughter and me. I took her to my paediatrician. She prescribed Nasivion® Child Nose Drops for her. In a day I noticed a change in her. She was becoming her usual self. Slept properly, was less cranky and wanted to play with her friends. Within a few days, my daughter was back to being her normal self, full of energy, full of mischief and no stopping her from her play and other activities.

I was amazed by the wonder medicine and probed more into it. I did some research on the product just to find out about its safety, ingredients and other parameters. Nasivion’s website has good information on the product, its dosage, and safety. I was assured that Nasivion is safe for my child.

Nasivion is available as:

  •  Nasivion® Pediatric (Child) Nose Drops
  •  Nasivion® Mini (Baby) Nose Drops

Usage and Dosage of Nasivion® Paediatric Nose Drops

  • This comes in strength of  0.025% for rhinitis relief and easier breathing.
  • The active ingredient Oxymetazoline is well tolerated and provides up to 12 hours of easy breathing.
  • 1-2 drops should be administered 2-3 times a day in each nostril.
  • It comes in a glass bottle (10 ml) with a dropper.

Usage and Dosage of Nasivion® Mini-Nose Drops

  • The strength of this is 0.01% for baby.
  • It provides better breathing by unblocking the nose.
  • Better breathing leads to an improvement in sleeping and eating.
  • For infants, should be used only on doctor recommendation.
  • For babies who are 4 weeks old, 1 drop should be administered in each nostril 2-3 times a day.
  • For babies aged between 5 weeks and 1 year, 1-2 drops should be instilled in each nostril for 2-3 times a day.
  • This comes in a 10ml glass bottle with a dropper for easy administration.

Nasivion Nasal Saline Solution is considered the first line of treatment as it is safe and can be used for any age group. However, always consult a doctor before its usage. Once your doctor gives you a green signal then opt for Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops or Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose drops, depending on the age of the child.

Nasivion helped me and my daughter to get back to our normal lives quickly. If your baby is suffering from rhinitis and nasal congestion, do try Nasivion.

Here is a video which shows when a child has a happy nose then the mother is happy, ‘Happy nose, Happy mom’.


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