The Best Proof of Love is Trust #WriteBravely

“The best proof of love is trust.” – Joyce Brothers

Ten years back, Reena was walking down a lonely road when she heard some rustling in the nearby bushes. On moving closer she saw a little puppy. The cute little thing had got stuck in the thorns. She patiently disentangled him. She patted him, glanced at her watch and quickly started walking home. When she reached home she found that the little pup had followed her. She did not have the heart to turn him away and welcomed him to her abode. She named him Cocco. Since that day the two have been the best of friends, inseparable and often partners in crime.

Now, Reena, a quinquagenarian had really found Cocco’s companionship meaningful throughout these years. They shared a lot of time together and had a routine for everything. Once they would return from their long walks, she would sip her tea while he would have his food. They retired early to bed, but only after the most awaited special bedtime snack. Though they shared everything, Reena made sure that Cocco slept in his doggy bed right next to her.

Suddenly, a year ago, after their bedtime snack, Cocco stopped going in his bed. He would jump on to Reen’s bed and start licking her shoulder. She didn’t like this and would get mad at Cocco. Each time she would remove him, he would come right back and do it again and again. Whenever Reena, sat down tired from work, Cocco would jump into her lap and lick her shoulder.

Reena was getting very upset with this habit. She considered talking to the vet regarding the same. That night she sat and remembered that the vet had told her if dogs lick themselves constantly, it may be because they are anxious, bored or have some pain in paws or other parts of the body. Just last week she had taken him to the vet and he had given a green signal. She was confused as to why Cocco was doing this. She paused for a moment, then picked up the phone and fixed an appointment for the next day.

The next morning she got ready, bid goodbye to Cocco and walked to the hospital.  On reaching the hospital she enquired at the reception whether the doctor had come as she had an appointment. She was signalled to go into the doctor’s office.

On meeting with the doctor she told him what Cocco had been doing for a year now. Though she felt a little amused when she told the doctor, he was kind enough to run some tests. It turned out that Reena had Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) of the shoulder. She had a tumour in her shoulder which was not really visible from outside but guess Cocco knew about it all this while. Her doctor said that if she would have waited for the tumour to grow big enough to be felt, it could have been devastating.

She quietly wiped the tears and was happy that she came to the hospital this morning. She went back home and gave Cocco a big hug. Her decision to trust him saved her life.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings

‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’

I have written this on the one-word prompt – Trust

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    • Shubhra Rastogi
      March 10, 2019

      Thanks, Kalpana!

  1. March 11, 2019

    What a beautiful bond we sometimes form with our furry friends! Loved this post, Shubhra.

    • Shubhra Rastogi
      March 11, 2019

      Thanks, Esha. These furry friends indeed just need love.

    • Shubhra Rastogi
      March 12, 2019


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