Have you met the latest mom on the block!

Have you guys got a chance to meet the latest mom on the block yet? Am sure I have kept most of you guessing as to who it may be … some of you must be thinking about Bollywood actress Sunny Leon, who just became a mother of twins lately. Well, I am definitely not talking about her. Let me introduce you guys to Tiff…

Tiff is a sassy, fashionable, elegant chic mom and has a phenomenal presence on social media. Tiff is like any other mother, doting and loving with the only difference that she is made of plastic but with flexible joints! Got you thinking … Tiff is our very own Barbie who we grew up playing with.

I have literally grown up with Barbie and its various avatars and now my daughter is following in my footsteps as well. Though each avatar is better than the other no one really thought that she will make such a happening millennial mom. Well, personally I never imagined that Ken would finally propose Tiff and that they would be a happy family.She is an Instagram user and her feed usually has her pictures as well her super cute family’s. She shares her pictures from the vacation or a date night and not to forget she gives style tips, posts pre and post pregnancy pics, week by week pregnancy pictures, and also talks about her junk food cravings. In a pic or two, you may also see her stretch marks but none the less she is quick to get back to shape.

Tiff’s creator (tiff_thebarbie) started this in 2015 with Tiff as a model, now has a whopping 83.1 K followers and her status is happily married, mother of two and one on the way!

The series started with Tiff as a successful model who married the love of her plastic life, her man Ken. When they got married they shared some couple goals. They were very happy to announce that they are pregnant and since then the couple started posting week by week pregnancy pictures. Finally, the little one (Kelly) arrived and their moments and events were very similar to new parents and especially a new mom. With each picture, they shared family goals and an amazing father-daughter relationship. While Tiff also had her share of fame with how to handle work and family. She also loved going out for shopping with her mini twin. The Carson family soon had an addition when they welcomed their baby boy – Wyatt, and now are ready to welcome another boy to their cute family of four.

The family not only updates their pregnancy status but also share their vacation pictures, funny costumes at Halloween, Christmas with the Grandparents, camping and picnics.

The creator of this account told Babble, that she wanted a perfect life with Barbie and when the account was started she had no idea that she would give her a funfilled family life. She just kept incorporating ideas as she posted the pics on behalf of Tiff. Ask her which is her favourite picture and she starts thinking as it is difficult to tell which one, but she does find the pregnancy pictures cute. She takes almost 30 minutes for a picture depending on the props and the dolls used. But the final outcome may take another hour right from when the picture is clicked, edited and finally posted.

For now, the Carson family has been posting amazing pictures and captions. Here is a sneak peek into their plastic world which is fantastic. If you wish you can also take some ideas from them 😉

Source of pictures: tiff_thebarbie

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