My Search for a Smart Home

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.” – Dean Kamen

Last month we went house hunting, yes house hunting. And while we were on our hunt we came across a flat, of course, a sample flat which in my sense could be truly labelled as a ‘Smart Home’. The Smart Home was well furnished with all the modern and not to forget smart amenities which a person requires. Right from the time, we entered into the flat and on the tour till we exited out I noticed many smart gadgets and appliances which just make our lives easier.

The main door had a smart door lock and it required a 4 digit code so that it could be opened. On entering the apartment, the foyer was fitted with lights. These were not ordinary lights, but lights which had an option for colour and daylight. These were also fully dependent on wi-fi. These lights were fixed all across the house. Each room had blinds which had remotes for manual adjustment and also wi-fi enabled sensors. Rooms also had air conditioners with both manual and wifi settings. The wi-fi connected air conditioners make it easy to control the temperature with the latest technology and of course the smartphones. The bathrooms were fitted with the latest gadgets. A germ resistant touchless toilet, digital showers with settings for water temperature and music and a hand free faucet with an indication for water temperatures. The living and the dining area had similar blinds and lights along with the air conditioner. The kitchen was installed with smoke detectors, a chimney, a refrigerator which beeps if its door is left open for a long time, an oven, microwave and additional features to control the wi-fi and other smart appliances. The only area which was free of these smart appliances were the balconies except the utility balcony which had a washing machine. The best feature of this was that it would remind you once you are done with the laundry. This was indeed a house with smartness overloaded.

This house reminded me of Bill Gates house. Now you must be wondering how Bill Gates. Well, I have never visited his house but I have read about his smart home. It is labelled as the most famous smart home till date. All the members in his house are pinned with an electronic tracking chip and as they move through rooms the lights brighten and fade, their favourite music and television channels follow them around the house. If two people with different chips are in the same room the system tries to play something which both enjoys.

The success of these smart appliances is because of the success of the tablet computers and smartphones. Since these portable and ultra light computers and laptops can be carried anywhere and everywhere and a good internet connection helps them to configure to a multitude of devices.

On second thoughts I wouldn’t mind a smart house and would love to have:

  • A refrigerator that suggests recipes as per the vegetables inside (I would love this feature … as I have to really think hard each day what to cook).
  • Washing machines and dryers that send messages that laundry has been done (I usually forget my laundry in the machine)
  • Dustbins which monitor what I have thrown and automatically place online orders for the replacements (This will make life easier without going over the stuff to see what needs to be replaced)
  • Light the bathroom lights at night for the bathroom visits (A must with children and elders)
  • Program the television so that my daughter can watch at a certain time (Yes some things need to be only for children)
  • Warm the bedroom before I step out of the bed (I just love the feeling of a warm room … brightens the day)
  • Lights which instantly brighten and create a mood for an occasion (How romantic … a perfect setting for a candle night dinner)
  • A coffee maker which I can turn on from the bed itself (Can’t start my day without a hot cup of coffee)

Home automation undoubtedly provides peace of mind with perks like monitoring the home from the office or any other place and overcoming dangers like forgetting to lock the main door or leaving the gas switched on. Automation also makes a house safe and comfortable for old people. It also helps to improve efficiency by adapting to the various settings and controlling temperatures.

I got so engrossed in writing this that I almost forgot my microwave has been beeping and reminding me that I have put a microwave cupcake for baking. Now I guess I am going to enjoy the cake and leave you all to read about the smart home of my dreams!


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