15 Small Things to Do To Be a Great Parent

“It is never easy to be a parent. But it’ll pay off in the end. And I’m going to try my best.”  This is what I keep telling myself and while doing so I also practice these small things in an effort to make myself a great parent.


Parenting is indeed a tough job and every parent is in the quest of being a good parent. But alas, no one teaches us to be a good parent; neither there is a guidebook for a happy parenting and with each passing day there are lows and highs and flip-side of being a parent.

Though we want the best for our children and make them the center of our lives, here are 15 small things we can do to become great parents:

  1. Don’t fix everything for your child. There are times when your child might need help, but hold on don’t go running to help him/her without thinking. By doing so your child might be able to solve their problem thus teaching them to be self-reliant.
  2. Develop your child’s interest by paying attention to what they like.
  3. Share your good as well as bad experiences with your child. Sharing your experiences on wide topics enhances children to turn them into talents in the future.
  4. Punishment and discipline are two different things and should not be combined.
  5. Reading out to your child is a great way to associate a bond with them
  6. It’s okay to say sorry to your child. There are times when you may snap at your child especially after a long day. Don’t feel bad and don’t let the guilt kill you just apologize to them. This only teaches them honesty.
  7. It is good to praise your child, but remember overpraising can harm them as well.
  8. Don’t force them to learn something. Recently, I enrolled my daughter for skating classes, but she does not want to do. I have to let it go as she was only dealing with worry and stress. I will try again once she is okay with the idea of skating.
  9. Teach your child to do their own work like clearing their toys before sleeping, putting their shoes in the shoe rack, helping you lay the table, putting their waste in the waste paper basket. By letting them do their work we just instill a sense of responsibility in them.
  10. Remember not to label your child as the child starts thinking about the label subconsciously and then it becomes very difficult for them to outgrow of the label. parenting quote
  11. If you compare your child then don’t do so as this only leads to jealousy and other damaging effects. After all, each individual is unique and so is your child.
  12. Before reacting to your child’s anger refrain from getting angry just count till 10 and deal the situation with a calm mind and a calmer you.
  13. Show affection to your child in the form of hugs and kisses and holding their hands. Affection makes them feel loved.
  14. Offer choices to your child so that they can enhance their decision-making skills
  15. Last but not the least accept and love your child for who they are

It is not just about raising good children it is also about raising great parents. So go ahead and try these wonderful things to become an awesome and loving parent…

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Well, about me I can say that I am a certified dentist, healthcare analyst, medical writer and above all a mother of a 6-year-old. Most of my day to day activities revolve around her and she is my inspiration to start this blog. As a mother, I experimented with a lot of new things for my little one in a quest to find the best for her. I just want to share my experiences of being a happy and content mum.


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    Very nice!

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    May 3, 2016

    Great ,its an awesome blog & very useful for the parents.

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