Beware the Momo Challenge Has Taken Over Peppa Pig

What happens when Momo meets Peppa Pig and family? The momo challenge has taken over Peppa Pig and is scaring children and asking them to do commit something dangerous.

Last year, the Momo challenge had taken over the internet. It asked children to perform perilous acts in exchange for death. So what exactly is the Momo challenge?

What is Momo? Momo is a social media account on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp. This usually uses an artwork which invokes horror. This artwork creates an eagerness to know more about it among children. It urges the children to make contact with an unknown number. The Momo creature, as I like to call it, is quite horrific and seeing it on your phone screen is sure to make you scream or jump off that comfortable chair.

Many users of the social platforms who have tried to contact Momo, have not got a reply but instead got a warning against the possible dangers and risks that they may encounter if Momo responds. And in case a person gets a response then Momo tries to toy around with the person. Many are also met by insults and challenges and ultimately death.

If this was not enough, the weird looking doll has been spliced into the popular children’s cartoon – Peppa Pig. The otherwise harmless Peppa Pig videos on Youtube have been showing the hideous character right in the middle of the video. Once the creature appears it scares the children and encourages them to hurt themselves.

There is also a possibility that this is a hoax. But hoax or no hoax parents should keep in mind that if something as simple as watching Peppa Pig can go wrong then they should need to supervise their child’s internet access.

How Can You Do Your Bit:

No doubt the internet is an amazing platform which helps children to learn, explore and play. But all good things come with a setback. With the technology evolving at a rapid pace how do you ensure that your children are safe?

Make sure you research well: Before you hand over your smartphone make sure you check the videos and websites which your child uses. Ensure that you crosscheck all the privacy settings. And please turn off the location sharing.

Configure parental controls: Setting up parental controls helps you to filter videos and other content that your child may view. You can even block suspicious and harmful content, stop them from downloading apps and content which is not apt for them and control their on-screen time.

Remember to talk to your children: Agree, we are all very busy in our professional and personal lives but this does not mean that we can sideline our children. Having regular conversations with them, letting them know that we are there for them makes their lives much better and less complicated. Rather than letting them explore sites and apps alone do it with them. Ask them about their online activities and guide them on the kind of information they should share.

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