Exams – Are They For Children, Their Mothers Or Both!

Are the exams meant for you or your child? Are you as nervous as your child or are you well prepared to take on the monster known as the exams…

Recently, I spoke to my sister and she was fretting over her son’s exams. She told me that she has requested everyone not to come over to their house during this particular time. Another friend of mine declined an invitation to the girl’s day out as she had to prepare for an exam – help her daughter prepare better for her exam. Then I met a third set of parents who are quite laid back and chilled about the whole exam scenario … but their children are stressed to the core to perform well.

The much dreaded and talked about exam season is in the air. Every second mother I talk to is worried about her child’s exam. From the time they get up and till the time they sleep, parents are stressed regarding the exams which the children are taking. Thus stress during exams has become an unavoidable part of their lives.

The stress in exams usually comes when one worries about their failures, inability to perform well along with peer and parental pressure. A feeling of letting down teachers and family can also lead to stress. Stress can also creep in when there is a comparison with other children and pressure to obtain certain grades.

Lately, I saw this heart touching video by Mirinda…

After watching the video, I was in tears and started thing that right now my daughter is in Nursery and she has a long way to go before she can take her exams. But seeing the pressure all around me I often wonder and worry that would I also be doing the same for my daughter or am I going to be a chilled out mom.

Incidentally, it so happened that I got an invitation from mycity4kids to be a part of #Release the Pressure campaign sponsored by Mirinda. Though the exam pressure has nothing to do with me right now considering my daughter’s age, I still accepted the invite and was happy to attend the expert talk by Dr Mimansa Talwar, along with a dozen of other anxious and stressed out mothers.

These exams and tests can be quite stressing for both children and parents, but there are always ways to cope up with the same and to help everyone perform better. Here are some tips:

  • Take breaks while studying: A sane mind can concentrate well for 30-45 minutes. Post this the concentration levels decrease and children find it difficult to study. Thus, a small break, a walk or listening to music can help relieve the stress and freshen them as well.
  • Eat healthily: Eating healthy food like fruit and vegetables along with slow release foods like rice and breads helps the children to retain their energy.
  • Drink water: Staying hydrated boost up the concentration levels.
  • Sleep well: Sleeping for about 8 hours allows suppressing the stress and anxiety associated with exams.
  • Get organized before exams: Last minute preparation usually leads to anxiety. Creating a well-planned timetable and plenty of time to unwind is good to keep stress at bay.
  • Stay away from peer pressure: Lastly, don’t get bogged down by peer pressure by comparing the children. This just creates unnecessary pressure.

Every time I remember the video, I take a pledge that when my daughter takes her exams, I shall not fret, stress and be hard with her. Instead, I would like to discuss our expectations and help her realize what she can achieve with the help of her parents and not pressure!

I request all the parents to take a pledge “that accept your children as they are and stop comparing them to others”.  Encourage them, talk to them, reward their success and celebrate their failures.

This post was originally written for MyCity4Kids.com

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