Fear of growing up!!

A child experiences various anxieties and fears at different stages of life. Right from a baby till she grows up a variety of anxieties might trouble your little one. Find out your baby’s fears.

Lately, I have noticed that whenever the pressure cooker is kept on the gas my daughter runs away and hides. Earlier she would not enter the kitchen but now she just barges into her room and refuses to come out. Sometimes the situation becomes so worse that we have to remove the cooker until she stops crying or take her out of the house for a stroll.

She has exhibited many such fears in her journey of becoming a three year old. Earlier she would be scared of walking on the road. She would fear that a car would come and hit her. Her fears are indeed very similar to other infants/toddlers, preschoolers, and big babies. Some common ones are:


  • A loud noise that goes boom, is enough to upset the little one
  • Yelling or screaming or talking at a high pitch
  • Separation and strangers
  • Weird noises at night, such as guard whistling in the society
  • Does not want to sleep in the dark
  • Stories of ghosts and monsters
  • Animals and insects
  • Fear of schools (and I just learnt the term for it – Didaskaleinophobia)
  • Thunderstorms
  • Home alone for too long
  • Going to a doctor or dentist
  • Going for a bath (especially if it is a head wash)
  • Haircuts

However, these anxieties change as time passes by and when one fear disappears it is likely to be replaced by other fears.

I have been trying to talk my daughter out of her fears. Her fears seem really trivial to me but they are a big deal to her. And thus only to respect her feelings I do the following:

  • Try not to make fun of herFears
  • Do not smile at her fears
  • Let her cling on to her favourite toy ( for many days she carried her toy to school also)
  • When she is calm, talk to her about her fears
  • Solve her problems
  • Pretend play (bought her a doctor’s kit to get her out of the fear of doctors)

Though sometime I strongly believe that certain anxieties are trickled down by the parents. The anxiety displayed by a parent on the child’s first day of school might easily get transferred into the child.

Babies are usually born fearless – it is us (parents) who instill fears in them. As they start growing, they are curious to explore their environment. While they are doing this we tend to protect them in some situations and keep saying NO all the time. “Don’t do this, NO don’t touch that, NO you will fall, you will hurt yourself”, and so on… And as they grow these turn into anxiety and fears.

Let me know what your child fears and how do you cope with the situation?

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