Is it easy to give up your responsibilities?

When you bring a little child into this world, make sure to stand by him/her and not leave them half way. Love them, pamper them and don’t push them towards depression by giving up on your responsibilities…

You must have heard about the latest news where a special cell cop posted as an ACP shot himself in his house. Later his wife also attempted suicide and jumped off from the balcony of her flat on the fourth floor.

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This incident took place in a society close to mine, in the late hours of the day last week. The couple was young and dynamic. Both had great professions, husband was an ACP and the wife a dentist. They had a small baby around 18 months old. As per the news nothing much is revealed why such a drastic step was taken by the husband. But neighbors say that they had an argument which led to such a step. (Source: The Indian Express)

Post a verbal argument he locked himself up in the room and after a while a gun shot was heard. His wife called the security guard and when he broke the door her husband was found dead. She was so upset that she also attempted suicide. She jumped off the balcony got a head injury, and was taken to a nearby hospital. However, two days later she also succumbed to her injuries and thus the only witness to the whole case was wiped out. Now no one will ever know the truth behind their deaths.

All this aside, my heart just wept for the little child. How could the parents be so insensitive to take such drastic measures? Not once did they think about their child, who was their sole responsibility. The child is small that she does not even understand where her parents disappeared in flash of seconds. She does not even understand the term death right now. And when she grows up what image will she carry of her parents. What amazes me is that the tolerance level has gone down so much that people do not really think before taking such steps.

Children of such parents or even the one’s which have been abandoned by their parents usually grow up with a very low self esteem. These children feel that they are unworthy and unlovable. They grow up in a state of shock and confusion with many questions unanswered. These questions are usually regarding what led to their abandonment. Some also live in persistent fear and grief of losing their loved ones.


When children lose their parents suddenly they often go into a shell and some of them are unable to accept the bitter reality. It is very important to make them realize what has happened and why this step must have been taken.  Their simple questions if any should be answered honestly. Lots of children also think that if they had been a well behaved child may be their parents wouldn’t have taken such a step.

All I can say is that children are very small to understand the concept of death and to add to that the fact of a suicide leads to even more confusion. Also, suicide is still considered as a taboo and people don’t know how to discuss what happened thus leading to a difficult situation. The child tends to be lost when he/she has unanswered questions and thus carries it with them until adulthood.

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