Mom do I have to be Well Behaved all the Time

Yes indeed the little light of my life is my daughter who teaches me something new with each passing day. Her smile makes me smile, her laugh is infectious and she has a pure heart made of gold, and I love the fact that she is my daughter

A long weekend was coming, so we planned a family get together. We all planned to go to Goa to have some fun and spend some quality time with each member of the family. We wanted a hassle free holiday thus the decision of going to Goa came up. We did not want any one busy in the kitchen or busy with other hundred things at home. We were so excited that we booked our air tickets well in advance. Finally, the day arrived and we left for the airport. My daughter was very excited as she was going to sit in the aeroplane.

After a three and half hour of our journey we reached our destination. We had a pick up arranged from the airport and booked ourselves into a service apartment. As we were 3-4 families so all of us could easily adjust in the apartment. Now the big thing that we were really concerned about was that my daughter gets a little uncomfortable when she sees a huge crowd and unfamiliar people. Though I had already told her who all would be coming and about the trip I still had my fingers crossed.

Day 1 was over and I was happy that my daughter did not fuss much. Day 2 was also good as we were busy sight seeing and jumping in the waves was a big attraction for her. By day 3, the number of people had reduced as some people had to get back to work; and now those who had earlier not noticed my daughter’s behaviour had started doing so.

My daughter was sleeping in the room and I was in the lobby chit chatting with everyone. When she got up and did not see me around she started wailing and calling out my name. I was in the other room and on hearing her voice ran to her and calmed her down. Other scene which she created was that when we were in the market she wanted something which I really did not want to buy her. At she she just lay on the road and threw a fit of rage. Though after some talks I was able to pacify her.


But these scenes created by my daughter did not go down well with some people. After sometime one of the relatives said, “Something is wrong with her; such a big child should not behave like this. Her behaviour is awkward.” The minute he said this I did not like it one bit and just tried to control my anger. I wanted to tell him that my daughter was only 3 and the only person who she sees 24*7 was me. Of course this was also a comment indirectly on us (my husband and me); in the way we have groomed her. My daughter could sense that I am upset and gave me an innocent look. Her eyes said, “Mom do I have to be well behaved all the time. If yes, then I am sorry for what ever happened.”

But my precious little one, my angel, and my life I want you to know one thing, “Whatever people say or think about you I don’t care. You are one of the most loving and empathetic person (for your age) I have ever come across. You are innocent, kind and generous. Please stay like this forever.”

My daughter was not even 18 months and we had gone to a restaurant. While we were waiting for the food to come, at the neighboring table a couple was seated with a little baby. The baby was crying uncontrollably. You won’t believe what my little one did; she opened my bag, took out her milk bottle and handed it to the baby’s mother. The baby’s mother and I were touched to see this gesture of hers. Tears rolled out of my eye thinking how such a young person could act so big.


Yes my daughter, the little light of mine is a wonderful person and I have no qualms about my upbringing. I cherish every moment with you. I love the way you talk nonstop and I have to request you to keep quiet for some time, and you just laugh it out. I enjoy our meal times, where you take an eternity to eat but finally manage to finish your food. I enjoy our bedtime with a story everyday; and I like the way you ask why Bambi’s mother died (although you still don’t understand death). I adore you when you wipe my tears and try to put a smile on my face with your good sense of humour. I love the way you laugh when you learn something new. I love it when you share your toys with other children. I love you to the moon and back.

You indeed are the little light of mine who makes everyday worth it and together we look forward for each day. I love you my darling princess.

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