The Power of a Minute

“Mumma, just one minute, Didi ek minute mein karti hoon, I’ll just take a minute, I will do it in a minute, Give me a minute”, are just some of the sentences we often say or hear day in day out. But in our busy lives have we ever evaluated the importance of one minute. In fact, we are so busy juggling between home – work – relations that we often find it difficult and don’t want to squeeze in another minute into the hectic schedule.


If I ask you to close your eyes and just let me know how long a minute is, then; it is short, as short as 60 seconds. These 60 seconds are enough to make a big difference in our professional as well as personal lives. One minute is a lot of time where we can accomplish a lot, learn a lot and practice a lot. Many times our failures and success are a result of this precious one minute.

For me, the one-minute strategy works quite well, but initially, it was not like this. I tried to change my relationship with time and realized the importance of what needs to be done on a priority basis every day. Once I had ideas I just wrote them on paper so that I could accomplish them well. This minimized my getting worried about forgetting the idea or the thoughts in the thin air. By doing this and taking out a minute I was actually organizing myself and landed up saving so many more minutes, which I would have otherwise wasted trying to remember the ideas.

Not only have I tried the power of minute in my work and daily chores, but I have also tried the One Minute Parenting. Most of us wait to get back home and spend time with our children or wait for the weekends. Why wait so long!!!

Just a few days back, my daughter had made a painting. When she came back from school, she was dying to show me her artistic skills. The minute she showed her creation, I hugged her tight and praised her. This gesture from me made her feel very happy and loved and later in the day she mentioned to her father how I had reacted, I realized how that one minute had etched an unforgettable memory in her mind.  The one-minute parenting helps to create a bond which gets stronger and lovable with the passing minutes.

Here are a few ways how you can incorporate the power of minute in your daily busy schedule:

  • One minute workout: We believe that intense and strenuous exercises are effective. But as per a study, by exercise scientists, McMaster University, one-minute workout regime also has the same effects on the heart, muscles and respiratory fitness. The only condition applicable for this workout is that it should be fueled with adrenaline and should be performed at a sprint
  • One minute meditation: Have you ever been intimidated by the long meditation sessions? Then this one is just apt for you. Deepak Chopra, the spiritual coach lays emphasis on paying attention to breathing for one minute which leads to clarity and enables you to handle the day better.
  • Shopping in a minute: I hate shopping, just for the fact that so much time is wasted or invested in the same. Many times just to pick up essentials might lead us to wander aimlessly in and out of the shops. Prepare a list and train your mind in order to spend less time regarding what to buy. Try it; it actually makes you feel good.

All of us have 24 hours in a day and it is up to us how we plan to spend most of these 24 hours. As these hours pass by, every minute counts, so make the most of every minute to focus and create an action for yourself which will definitely help you accomplish the goal.

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