What’s Your Parenting Style?

Your parenting style can have dramatic effects on the development of your child. Also, your discipline type defines your relationship with your child. Find out what is your parenting style and its impact on your child.

When a child is born a mother and a father are also born along with it. This gives the coveted title of parents and along with it comes parenting, which obviously is not so easy. In a bid towards good parenting, each set of parents has different discipline styles for their children. The type of parenting styles parents practice affects their relationship with their child and also the child’s development.

Researchers have identified four major types of parenting styles. Each of these parenting styles uses a different approach towards discipline. These are:

  1. Permissive Parenting: Commonly referred to as indulgent parenting and is a harmful parenting style. The parents who permisive-parentingfollow this style are usually lenient mostly to avoid confrontations and are more of responsive rather than demanding. The positive aspect of this style is that the parents are loving and nurturing while the flip-side is that because of less or no rules and inconsistent rules children of these parents grow up with little self-discipline. This style is usually adopted by parents who had an authoritarian upbringing, while some just don’t want to upset their child. Permissive parenting can lead to long-term damages like:
    • Due to lack of set boundaries, there is a sense of insecurity in children
    • Children develop poor social skills, like sharing. This is usually due to lack of discipline
    • Lack of motivation leads to poor academics
    • Self-centered and often clash of authority
  2. Authoritarian parenting: Also known as strict parenting and the opposite of permissive parenting. Authoritarian parents are Authoritarian-Parentingdemanding and not too responsive. They expect the child to follow rules and leave little or no option for open conversation between them and the child. Also, to achieve obedience these parents rely on punishment. Children of such parents suffer from:
    • A low self-esteem
    • Are usually shy or fearful
    • Often associate obedience with love
    • Misbehave when not in parental care
  3. Neglectful parenting: This style of parenting is also referred to as uninvolved parenting. This is considered as one of the Neglected Parentingmost harmful parenting styles. These parents do not meet their child’s needs and expect them to raise themselves. Also, these parents lack knowledge about child development and parenting and are often overwhelmed by other problems in life. This style leads to damaging effects in children and other problems like:
    • Difficult to trust people as the foundation for trust has not been laid by their parents
    • Difficulty in forming relationships
    • Difficulty in gelling with other children of their age
    • Academically poor
  4. Authoritative parenting: This type of parenting style is considered as one of the best styles. The parents who follow this parentingstyle are easily recognizable as along with the high expectations for their child they are also supportive and understanding. This parenting style fosters a healthy bond between a child and parent along with a healthy environment. These parents use consequences instead of punishment and positive consequences to reinforce positive behaviour. They prefer to use praise and reward systems. They have a structured day for their child. Children of such parents are:
    • Successful and happy
    • They have the ability to make decisions
    • Express their opinions
    • Grow up to be responsible humans

Parents often find it difficult to fit into one particular parenting style. Very often we tend to vary from an authoritative to more of an authoritarian style. In order to determine a particular style, it is very important to gauge what we want from our children.

While I figure out my parenting style, you also do so and let me know your style…

Source: WebMD, The Positive Parenting Centre

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  1. Ram Kumar Singh
    May 19, 2016

    Excellent written. It will help the parents to evaluate their parenting style and change himself if require.

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