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Children are beautiful and innocent, and it is fun to see them grow the way they are. Why do we need to enhance their beauty with mascara, rouge and lipstick?

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Starbaby-child-cosmetics

Powder Puff and cold cream jar

Eyebrow pencil lipstick too

Will make a beauty out of you!”

This is the advice given by six year old Tia Taneja to her little friend, while the two were excitedly getting ready for their classmates birthday party.  Now, do I see a raised eyebrow or a naughty smile while you are reading this?  There was Tia all dressed up in a pretty pink short skirt with high heels and golden purse in her hand; her eyes with mascara and lips well defined with lipstick and rouge on her cheeks.

girl high heels“She’s going to grow up to be Alia Bhat, Ushaji”, Mrs Taneja told me proudly looking at her daughter. “And you know what, my Tia can even shake a leg and dance to all the songs like Alia does!”

I was shocked and tongue tied and did not know whether I should nod my head in agreement and admiration for Ms Tia Taneja aka budding Alia Bhat or whether I should feel sad to see that the childhood innocence had just got lost somewhere.

Where has all the innocence gone?  When I see the dance shows, “Little champs and something like that”, I see little young girls and boys acting and dancing like grown up women and men, 3 times their age.  They look like they are imitating their moms or dads and seem to be mocking the world of adults.

applying mascaraWhy does the child need to be made up with makeup to look good?  The running around in the garden brings the pink glow on the cheeks and the sight of puppies brings the gleam in the eyes.  The sheer energy and wandering nature of the child makes a beauty of the child.  She needs no lipstick, powder or cream to bring out the sheer attractiveness of innocent childhood already manifested in her.

Let our children be dressed simply, innocently and we can say


Twinkle, Twinkle my little star

How I wonder how innocent you are

Up above my world so high

You are like my diamond in the sky!

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Usha Malik Written by:

Having more than 20 years of experience in varied fields ranging from research, academics, software development and intellectual property, I am proud to have worked with the best of people, teams, work cultures and companies throughout my career. But what I cherish even more than my career in my life, is being a mother. My world revolves around my two kids who make my life worth the while. I also love writing, connecting, sharing and feel the strongest power in the world is “ma ka pyaar”!


  1. Pooja Mathur
    August 19, 2015

    Completely agree even if my daughter ask for the makeup I make sure to tell her that Shez toooooo small for all these n dese r for big gals

  2. Shikha
    August 19, 2015

    Great article. Very nicely depicts that we should encourage age appropriate behaviour in children . Reiterating such good thoughts is very much required in today’s showy world.

    • Usha Malik
      August 19, 2015

      Thanks for your comments and feedback

  3. R.K.Singh
    August 19, 2015

    Very nice article & gives a nice lesson .

  4. anjali
    August 19, 2015

    Well said, Usha! 🙂 I see so much of this living here in the US (ever heard of the horror called ‘Toddler Beauty Pageants’?)- although I suspect its the same back in India as well now. Prematurely forcing our innocent ones to grow up does immeasurable damage to them. And also to us as we lose something so infinitely precious – truly, there is nothing more awe-inspiring than watching a child grow up…so why would we want to hurry that process up??

  5. Roopika Anand
    August 20, 2015

    Nicely depicted by Usha…let the child in them blossom, at this age we should encourage them to seek happiness in things given by nature and not by artificial beauty tricks.

  6. Usha Malik
    August 20, 2015

    Thanks all for the encouraging comments, feedback and views!

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