Must Have Apps for Expecting Mothers

Find a friend during your pregnancy with these amazing apps which are totally free and assist you in your journey through pregnancy…

Pregnant and have a question, don’t know who to bother at that lonesome hour when you can’t sleep. Well, this is for all the pregnant ladies who can find a friend on their smartphones. All you have to do is to download the user-friendly pregnancy apps on your phones. Once done you can easily track down the growth of your child as well as your sleep pattern heart rate and calorie intake. What’s more, the information has been compiled by experts like tech doctors and tech gurus.


Here are some apps which you can download to help you sail through the nine months:

  • My Pregnancy Today: This is a comprehensive app by BabyCenter. This offers a week by week pregnancy tracker and tips along with videos, checklists and other pregnancy tools. This is an ultimate app which prepares you for your baby and gives answers to all your doubts and queries when needed. The main features of the app are pregnancy day by day, foetal development, contraction timer, kicks tracker, due date calculator and birth clubs.

Shelby Zeiger, a happy user says, “I love that I can see my baby’s development each week and I get to be a part of many groups of pregnant women who have questions and answers like I do. I don’t feel so alone.”

  • Pregnancy +: This app offers everything you need to know during pregnancy at one place. This app has been created with the help of experts in childbirth, parenting and healthcare to update users with information. The app boasts of features like color and scan images, daily pregnancy information, a personal diary with weight log and doctor’s appointment, diet and exercise guide and kick counter. What more it even offers baby shopping lists, a guide to baby size, and over 1000 names to choose for your baby.

Eva, a content user says, “I found this app incredibly helpful and comforting. The blog entries were great and relevant and put my mind at ease about so much. I’m glad I used it through the pregnancy.”

  • What to Expect: The pregnancy tracker by ‘What to Expect’ gives a personalized daily tracker and changes day by day and week by week. They enable to track baby’s development measured in size of the fruit. A daily pregnancy tip given by them is enough to put a smile on your face. Also, shares stories and real news from other moms. One can also share their experiences, pictures, and videos of pregnancy.

A first-time mom said, “Love it, First-time mom? Having any concerns or doubts! This is the app for you. It’s very awesome”

  • Ovia Pregnancy Tracker: This app helps track baby size, gives an update on development, and has a maternity calendar. You can track your pregnancy by tracking sleep, weight progress and calorie intake and a mood tracker. Symptoms of each week of pregnancy can be tracked and immediate alerts can be given in the case of miscarriage or health risks. This has been developed by a trusted team of scientists from Harvard along with fit moms and experts.

Heidi says, “Better than all the other baby apps I have used. It has new information with each passing day which makes it fun to check.”

  • Labor and Contraction Timer: This app is designed to keep a track of contractions just to help you to note down the time between each contraction, the frequency of the contractions so that you are well updated when you meet your doctor.

Users have said,”Pretty helpful and absolutely perfect.”

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