4 Prevalent Trends of Baby Care in 2017

We as parents want to provide the best care to our child thus going by these trends one can fulfill the requirements of every child and can set an example of being a modern and trendsetting parent.

Parent’s these days want the best for their children. Right from the clothes they wear to the diapers they use and to the food they eat, parents are willing to spend for their children.

Looking after a baby can be very stressing but here are 4 prevalent trends of 2017 which can ease the journey of new parents and help them to take care of their child:

1) Bottle with the shape of breast

It’s tough for the new mother to get the baby adjusted to the bottle feed. For 6 months, it is said mother’s milk is best, but after 6 months real trouble starts when babies are weaned off and are put on the bottle feed.  These days’ baby bottles are trending which is designed in the shape of mother’s breast. This gives the baby a sense of comfort and thus soothes the hungry and wailing babies.

baby bottles

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2) Preemie baby diapers

Diapers which are available in different sizes and styles are a necessity for many parents. The recent trend is the entry of diapers for pre matures babies. These are small just perfect for the tiny baby. These diapers are soft and gentle on the skin that they feel like cloth diapers. The shape of the diapers ensures comfort for a longer time.


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3) Strollers with convertible modes

These strollers are quite handy as they come with convertible modes which can be used in the different stages of the child growth right from birth to the toddler stage. These strollers are something that grows with your child. The different bassinet attachments can be used easily and adjusted with the growing child. These prams are also integrated with car seat which makes travel comfortable and convenient for both you and the baby.


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4) Bath pouch for baby baths

Bath pouch is one of the trending products these days which aims to provide a hassle free and convenient bath to infants. It doesn’t involve the traditional way of splashing and bending of an infant. It is designed to mimic the womb thereby giving the baby a safe and cozy feeling along with an easy bathing process. It is suitable for children up to 3 years with an adjustable size to each growing periods.This is 100% waterproof, easy to clean and easy pack up gear for better bath times.




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These are the few baby care trends which are in vogue for the year 2017. Go ahead and try them and become trendsetting parents…

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