5 SUPER COOL Swimwear for Children

In summers, the best way to relax is in the pool. Check out these amazing SUPER COOL swimwear for children this summer…

Summers are here and so are the holidays. The best thing the children can do to beat the heat is to lie in the pool and wash off all the worries and the sweat issues.

But here comes a challenge and that is to go shopping for that super cool swimwear. When my daughter and I went shopping for the perfect swimwear we were enamoured by the styles, cuts and the bright hues. We were so confused seeing these swimming costumes and wanted to pick one and all.

Here are some super cool swimwears for girls:

1) Two-piece Sofia printed swimwear:


The bright colour 2 piece swimwear is just adorable for girls and keeps them cool and comfortable. Your little girl is going to love this and will be her companion for the beach vacations.

Price: Rs 899, Buy Here

2) Just Keep Swimming with Dory


This one piece swimsuit by Mothercare is fashionable as well as athletic. Your little angel can just keep swimming like Dory and be comfortable in this trendy outfit.

Price: Rs 845, Buy Here

3) Tiger Print Tie Back Halter Neck Swimsuit


This stylish halter neck is very comfortable and made of baby-friendly materials. This can be a companion for holidays or for the regular swimming fun.

Price: Rs 799, Buy Here

4) Tankini Bikini Set Swimwear


Imported from HongKong, the tankini makes your girl look like a ravishing diva. This is surely an eye catcher and hard to refuse.

Price: Rs 980, Buy Here

5) Sea Squad Float Suit

speedo sea

This float suit from Speedo is an all in one suit with sleeves, legs and zips along with foam inserts. These help the child to maintain buoyancy. It is apt to offer protection against the sun while holidaying and swimming.

Price: Rs 1999, Buy Here

While there are such smart swimwears for girls, why should boys stay far behind? Swimwear for boys come in various fits, patterns, colours and prints. It is as exciting to buy the perfect swimwear for boys, as it is for girls.

Here are some super cool options for boys as well:

1) Captain America, here I come

captain America

This is a two piece swimsuit with Captain America’s star on it. It comes with a half sleeve round neck t-shirt with shorts for a comfortable fit.

Price: Rs 1350, Buy Here

2) Trunks with Crab Appliqué


This is a stylish pair of swimming trunks with a crab appliqué from Mothercare. It has elasticized drawstrings as well. The bright colour makes it very attractive for your little man to make big splashes.

Price: Rs 780, Buy Here

3) I love Cars


This is a half sleeves legged swimsuit. Boys who love cars can make splashes with the cute Lightening McQueen and Mach Speed print. It can be a great companion for the trips to the beaches.

Price: Rs 1350, Buy Here

4) Frog Prince Print

frog prince

This cute little multi frog prince print from Rovars is comfortable with an elastic waist. The playful print on one side looks smart on boys when they take a splash in the pool.

Price: Rs 250, Buy Here

5) Surf Jacket & Shorts


This invention by Splash Lab was made to make life easier. The wetsuit top and shorts have ultimate flexibility and can easily fit toddlers as well as older children. This suit is windproof, rainproof, waterproof and UFP 50 UV protective. This is ideal to carry on vacations, to the beaches, in the pool, under the sea or for fun in the water parks.

Price: Rs 4275, Buy Here

Now with so many options, don’t just sit back. Buy the super cool swimwears which are just a click away. Happy Swimming!!

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