8 Fashion Essentials for Second and Third Trimester

Pregnancy can be quite uncomfortable if you are not wearing the right clothes. Though your lifestyle and climate form the basis of your maternity clothes, here are a few essentials which you must own.

Congratulations! You are pregnant and have very successfully completed the first trimester of your pregnancy.

The beginning of pregnancy may leave you fatigued, drowsy, starting the day with throwing up here and there and saying no to your favourite foods. Also, not to forget you may land up having voracious mood swings with feelings of depression, loneliness, anxiety and happiness all tossed in at a time. By the time you and your body cope up with these symptoms, you are ready to enter in the second trimester … and not to forget, by this time you also start gaining weight as your little one is growing rapidly. But you and the little one still have a lot of growth for the next six months.


Being pregnant does not mean that you cannot dress up or flaunt your bump. Trust me you should wear what makes you beautiful and not to forget comfortable … after all, it is the comfort factor which is most sought after during pregnancy.

Last year, when Kareena Kapoor was pregnant she set fashion goals for mothers to be. The stylish diva looked her best in the nine months of her journey with a pregnancy glow and hottest fashion designers and trends by her side.

You can also do the same by just adding these to your wardrobe and make them your buddies for the next 6 months:

  1. Little Black Dress: The classic and timeless LBD is so very apt for dinner dates and an outing with friends. Being pregnant is no reason for not wearing the little black dress. Also, it makes you slimmer.
  2. Fitting Slim Skirt: The slim fit skirts look smarter than the full skirt. However, the length of the skirt depends on your height. Go for a knee length if you are short and a mid calf length if you are tall. Opt for an elasticised top so that you are comfortable at the bump.
  3. Knit Tunic Tops: These are well fitted over the arms and shoulders, but provide enough room for the growing belly. Lengthwise they also cover the bottoms and hips.
  4. Stretch Pants: Trust me; you will not regret buying these. You can wear these with almost anything and they will be your best friend right from the first few weeks of pregnancy to the postpartum months.
  5. Men’s-style Button-down Shirt: You don’t need to buy this. You can always borrow it from your husband’s wardrobe for a casual look. For a chic look, you can opt for a tailored maternity design which is narrow on the top but has lots of room for the growing belly. img1500488867857
  6. T-shirt: A classic t-shirt goes with everything from skirts to shorts to pants and trousers. A crew neck, collared neck or a V-neck whatever neck you like are all comfortable. One thing to keep in mind is that the material should stretch a little so that it expands as you grow.
  7. Comfortable Undergarments: Your breasts also grow and you may require new bras to accommodate them. A well fitting bra that is comfortable should be worn as it supports the breasts well. Even your underwear should be loose. You can choose from the maternity over the belly underwear to the bikinis and thongs. Just keep in mind that the thong or bikini should be larger than your usual size and the waistband should rest under the belly.
  8. Accessories: Last but not the least accessorise your outfits with funky and colourful shoes, scarves, smart handbags and chunky neck pieces. One thing is sure that the money invested in accessories will not go for a waste as you can wear them post birth as well.

You can also buy maternity wear from these online stores: Amazon, Firstcry, Shoppers Stop, Jabong, H&M, and LimeRoad.

Happy Shopping!!!

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