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When my little one was born, I was quite worried about the different baby products available in the market. Most of the baby products are laden with toxins which are not only harmful but also carcinogenic in nature. Thus, the quest for the best products for my baby’s sensitive skin started. After my year-long search and research, I settled for Mama Earth products … and trust me I have been happy since then.


The reason to opt for Mama Earth was very obvious. I had used popular brands for my little one. But the brand was in papers for its use of toxins and harmful effects. I switched over to another brand and then to a third one. I also tried home recipes but was not too confident with the same, as every second day my daughter would have rashes on her sensitive skin.

I instantly fell in love with Mama Earth because it is certified toxin-free, dermatologically tested, and made from natural products like cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and shea butter. Not only this, it is also the first Made Safe certified brand in Asia. Made safe certification ensures that the products are free of toxins, heavy metals, carcinogens, behavioral and developmental toxins. Moreover, this is a brand which has been created by a mother for the mothers.

Here is a list of the Mama Earth products:

Natural insect repellent: The product obtains its goodness from being 100% natural with ingredients like citronella, peppermint, and lemon eucalyptus oil. Citronella is a natural insect repellant and is as effective as the chemical DEET. The lemon grass provides a good smell which is not irritating for the baby.

insect repellent

Diaper rash cream for babies: No one likes to stay wet, not even our little baby. So why should they suffer by getting rashes through a wet diaper? The diaper rash cream contains zinc oxide and non-petroleum base which help to seal the wetness. It sure leaves a smooth soft and supple baby skin.


Soothing massage oil for babies: Massage time ensures a special bond between the mother and the baby. Mama Earth massage oil makes this experience more special with the benefits of cold pressed sesame oil, coconut oil, and almond, jojoba oil all in one. This oil relaxes the baby along with giving her a glowing and healthy skin.


Moisturizing daily lotion for babies: The daily moisturizing lotion provides a blanket of moisture as it is made with ingredients like aloe vera, calendula extract, shea butter, jojoba and almond oil. The baby always stays fresh and soft without a speck of dryness.


Mineral based sunscreen for babies: Once you step out of the house with your little one to explore the world don’t forget to apply Mama Earth’s mineral based sunscreen. This is SPF 20+ with shea butter, wheat germ, olive oil and calendula extract … ideal for the baby’s sensitive skin giving them a sun safe experience.


With so many products and all made with safe natural and plant-based materials, Mama Earth does become an obvious choice. Also, these products can be used by you, your toddler, your kids and even grandparents!!!  Mama Earth offers a whole range of awesome products online … when your baby is fast asleep, order these products which are just a click away. With so many benefits Mama Earth does become worth trying. Go ahead, give it a try!!!

To know more about the products visit Mama Earth’s official website. You can also buy the products from http://www.momjunction.com/mama-earth/

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