AVEENO … Now in India!!

AVEENO has launched its product range in India. Tried it? Well, I have and I loved it. Read on to find why you should indulge in AVEENO products!!!

When I was a baby, my aunt used to often send AVEENO products for me from the US. My mother used to love using these for her as well as for me. When my daughter was born I also started hunting for AVEENO. But in vain, I never got a product as perfect as AVEENO. My criteria for the best products were that they should be skin friendly, naturally nourishing, and non-greasy for a delicate skin and above all moisturizes the skin for 24 hours.

Recently, I received a bag from Mom Junction. The packet had AVEENO Baby Daily Moisture Lotion. My first reaction was WOW!! AVEENO … Now in India!! I was quite impressed with the packaging and also couldn’t wait to use it for my daughter.

AVEENO is one the most sought-after brands for baby care as well as other hair and skin products. The best part about AVEENO products is that they use natural ingredients to nurture and transform hair and skin to enhance them to a state of natural beauty.

Before using it on my daughter, I tried the cream on myself. Within two days I found that my skin was softer than earlier so I started using it for my daughter as well and found that her skin was not as dry as before.

The Daily Moisturizing Lotion is loaded with the goodness of natural oatmeal along with rich emollients which are apt for a baby’s skin. The oat extract contains the 5 vital elements which are found in a healthy baby skin. These are proteins, lipids, enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants. These help to provide a soothing and a nourishing effect to the baby’s delicate skin.

The fast absorbing formula helps to prevent and protect chapped and cracked skin. The colloidal oatmeal acts as a skin protector and relieves dry, itchy and irritated skin. It has a nice texture which is easy to spread, not too thick and not runny either. This is a naturally nourishing formula which absorbs quickly since it is non-greasy and has a lasting effect for 24 hours. Also, it does not contain any drying alcohols which tend to clog the pores. Moreover, the lotion is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free which is very effective and gentle for a skin as soft and sensitive as a baby.

Now here is a big question? How do you find out whether the products sold India are genuine or not!! The answer to this is, AVEENO works closely with leading experts and healthcare professionals like scientists, pharmacists, pediatricians, and dermatologists. By working with them closely, they get an understanding of how the skin and the natural products react and thus come up with the best solutions for a baby’s skin. This effort has made them the #1 trusted brand not only in the US but worldwide.

My search for a perfect body lotion and other baby care products has ended here at AVEENO. You can end your search on First Cry. Also make use of this exclusive coupon code: AVEENOBABYMJ, where you get an additional Rs 100 off.

So go ahead and bring home an AVEENO today!!!

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