Book Review: My Land Across The Border

This is a shout-out to their inextinguishable spirit which made them rise like a phoenix and live anew, albeit in a different land, despite the scars in the mind which refused to heal.
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Book: My Land Across The Border

Genre: Fiction

Author: Sayan Bhattacharya

Format: PDF

Language: English

About the Author: Sayan, a postgraduate in English Literature works in the FinTech Industry. Though by passion, he is a writer and this has enabled him to showcase many life’s stories. Sayan has penned some wonderful books. His first novel, Friendship Calling, was published in 2013. This was followed by A Case of Connections in 2016. Both these novels were based on true-life experiences. Recently, his third book Ancient Cities of India was published. This is a collection of historical stories written on the theme of Indian history and mythology.

Summary: The story of the book My Land Across The Border is based on the real-life incidents and characters set against the backdrop of the 1947 and 1971 mass migration of the people from Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan and earlier undivided Bengal) to India. The story is taken forward by the protagonists – Siraj and Mrinal.

Siraj discovers a dark secret lurking in his family’s past, which he must unravel to reconstruct the truth about his own identity and roots. Destiny leads Siraj to the land where he was born, to uncover the secret of his family’s past that lay buried within the annals of its history.

Mrinal, on the other hand, undertakes a trip to Bangladesh as the journey of his lifetime: a land which he had had to leave behind amidst the fire of communal violence in 1950, post the Partition of India.

My Take on the Book: I was intrigued by the title of the book. I have heard a lot of partition tales from my grandmother. But her tales are restricted to the partition of India and Pakistan. On seeing the title I thought they would be tales of people from Pakistan and India. However, these are real-life events from the partition of Bangladesh. These were new to me and I was engrossed in the book.

I loved reading the book and the protagonists did full justice to their characters. The story inflicts the mental turmoil which the protagonists went through, their new lives in a new country, their desire to go back to their land, their memories of the motherland and the unforgettable past they had left behind. Not only this the impact this partition had on their lives and their subsequent generations are beautifully penned.

If you are looking for an engaging plot with complicated, realistic characters and just the right amount of thrill, go for this book. It has been written with a lot of research and leaves you content.

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