Books Every Parent Needs To Read

Babies don’t come with a manual. Parenting is not easy either. These books just recommend and help by staying sane, positive and in turn, understanding the tiny brains.

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I know parenting does not come with a guide book. However, parenting is not an easy task. For some, the whole experience may be smooth sailing while for the other it could be difficult. I agree that the with the birth of a child parental instincts are also born. Though our mothers and grandmothers never referred to any handbook and parenting books, we do. I often hear my grandmother telling me why I keep reading a book to take care of my daughter. I just smile at her and tell her, times have changed, we have a manual for everything … right from operating a washing machine, to a toaster to the baby 😉

Parenting books are nothing but a version of our own parentage (which we refuse to listen from our mothers). The books don’t parent, rather suggest and many times there is stuff which you may recollect that your mother used to do.

However, with families becoming nuclear and shrinking in size, these books do provide some sanity, These definitely help parents:

To be calmer

To increase their patience levels

Empathize with their children

Help their children by giving choices

Let their children show their emotions

Learn to control their triggers in stress

Here is a list of some books which are good and help you beat the blues:

The Gardener and the Carpenter by Alison Gopnik

“The Gardener and the Carpenter should be required reading for anyone who is or is thinking of becoming a parent”.—Financial Times 

The Whole-Brain Child

“Simple, smart, and effective solutions to your child’s struggles.”—Harvey Karp, M.D.

Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier and More Secure Kids

“A wealth of practical ideas for reclaiming childhood and establishing family harmony.”—Publishers Weekly

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk

“The parenting bible.”—Boston Globe

Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting (The Peaceful Parent Series) 

“Get a cup of coffee, find a comfy chair, and be prepared to get great advice from a wise, new friend and fellow parent.” — Jacqueline Green, Host of the Great Parenting Show

There are many books about parenting. These are just a few to get you started. Happy reading!

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Shubhra Rastogi Written by:

Well, about me I can say that I am a certified dentist, healthcare analyst, medical writer and above all a mother of a 6-year-old. Most of my day to day activities revolve around her and she is my inspiration to start this blog. As a mother, I experimented with a lot of new things for my little one in a quest to find the best for her. I just want to share my experiences of being a happy and content mum.


  1. January 31, 2019

    Those all look like great books! I think I have read Simplicity Parenting, several years ago. I think it’s great when we can get ideas, inspiration or encouragement from books that help us be better parents.

    • Shubhra Rastogi
      February 1, 2019

      Yes, Jeanine books do help us to become a better parent!

  2. January 31, 2019

    HI there, I don’t have any kids, but have family and many friends that do. I am going to share this with them. I bet it would be nice if they did come with a guide book. I mean, you buy a new camera, etc and it comes with a guide book, lol. Thanks for sharing.

    • Shubhra Rastogi
      February 1, 2019

      Thanks for visiting by Samantha!

  3. February 1, 2019

    This is valuable information. With my twins set to enter teenage I really need to be cued in onto them. How to Talk so Kids will Listen was recommended to me but I never did get around to it. The trouble with children is just when you max one stage, they’re onto the next. That said, books like How to Step Yelling are useful at every stage. Thanks for sharing.

    • Shubhra Rastogi
      February 1, 2019

      Thanks for visiting by!

  4. February 2, 2019

    I haven’t read any of these books myself but I do agree with you that parenting itself isn’t an easy task. I read Dr. Spock which was the Bible of our times for child rearing. His methods are quite drastic and am sure won’t appeal to today’s parents but believe me, it did help in raising well brought up compliant children.

    • Shubhra Rastogi
      February 4, 2019

      I have also read Dr Spock and now I am wondering how it escaped my list 😉

  5. March 6, 2019

    Just stumbled on your blog from Indiblogger. Glad to find some of the books that we got to help us in our parenting journey find a place here. If you are okay, I will share this on FB page/community on parenting that we manage
    Thanks and keep sharing.

  6. Shubhra Rastogi
    March 6, 2019

    Hi Santosh
    Thanks a lot and I have no problem if you share this. I shall be more than happy. Thanks…

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