Can’t Father’s Be Mother’s Too???

Singing late night lullabies to rocking to bed dad’s can do it all … then why does a sign restrict them from changing diapers in Baby Changing rooms across the world …

Of late we have been travelling very frequently and that too by flight!!! (Delhi- Hyderabad; Hyderabad- Chennai & back from Chennai to Delhi). So we have been constantly on the move, in and out of the many different airports and also have been spending much time patiently waiting to board the aircraft.


My extremely extrovert and most inquisitive daughter thoroughly loves browsing through the Shopping Arcades, now a common sight at most airports. She has many, many questions which also must be answered instantly. At one of the airports after visiting the restroom and when we were patiently waiting for the boarding announcements to be made my little one had an interesting question to be answered. You may not believe but she asked me in what context was the sign of a lady bent over a lying baby, outside the Ladies Restroom meant while just alongside was the Men’s Restroom ….which had no such sign.

 I told her that that sign meant “a Baby’s Changing Room.” I further explained that this was the place where a mother could take her infant to and change the dirty diaper. To my surprise, she instantly retorted back, “why, at Airports can’t Daddy’s change their babies’ diapers? I sure was taken aback with this question of hers as at home from time to time she was quite used to watching her Uncles do this as well as other dirty works of their babies.

The boarding announcements were being made. I was quite thankful for I had no reply to this question of hers. On returning home, she had not forgotten what she had asked me and time and again she kept reminding me of her unanswered question.


Now with no more travelling in the near future, I started avoiding her particular question…. till the time when early morning I reached for the SUNDAY newspaper on 19TH JUNE!!! On just picking up the newspaper, I was suddenly wide awake and amazed at what I saw. I shouted out to my husband in much happiness… as my daughter’s question which had been bothering me had eventually got an answer.

Snapdeal celebrated this Father’s Day as “hands-on Dad’s” worldwide and have also come up with a universal Baby’s Changing Room sign to include the dad’s as well!  Dad’s can change diapers too and they sure like to help. With this new sign changing the child’s diaper is no more only one parent’s job. Snapdeal requests owners of Malls Multiplexes, stores, restaurants and other such public places to download the new sign to show their support!!!

As for me I can relax peacefully until my daughter comes up with another tricky question 🙂

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  1. Ram Kumar Singh
    July 6, 2016

    Very attractive and nice one.Some times parent becomes surprise by the question of their little one and couldn’t find the right answer immediately.

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