Essentials of a diaper bag

When stepping out of the house, the diaper bag should always be ready as you never know what might come handy to soothe a cranky baby. So make sure you are always ready with all the essentials in the bag.

Though my daughter is toilet trained and lets me know whenever she gets a nature call, I still thought of writing on essentials for a diaper bag.

This is an essential part in the first few years of a new mum. As motherhood steps in the most coveted bags, like the Louis Vuitton is replaced by diaper bags. Having said this, I did not mean that one has to carry a boring bag with cartoon characters and other baby images. These are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. One can also opt for a sport or a duffle bag.

Whichever, bag you choose is up to you but it must have space for basic stuff. The things that should always be there in the badiaper bag 2g are

  • Diapers – the thumb rule is one for each hour. So make sure to stock in the number of diapers as the hours along with a few extras
  • Wipes – very helpful during diaper change and also other activities like wiping hands
  • Changing pad – in case your diaper bag is not furnished with a changing mat, make sure to carry one with you
  • Baby powder, baby cream, and diaper rash creams can be carried in small packing. These are useful especially in case of a diaper rash
  • Plastic bags – these come handy to dispose the dirty diapers and store soiled clothes
  • An extra change – just in case the baby soils her clothes
  • Also, if the baby is on top feed and you will be out for long, then do carry the formula milk and bottles
  • Snack for your baby depending on the age
  • Don’t forget to carry a quick snack for your self as well. Trust me it does come handy
  • Blanket, sheet, bibs, toys, board books are just other necessities for the baby
  • Mommy’s should not forget to keep their wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, and an extra change as well

Diaper bags have different features .. yes features you read it right. Well you must be thinking is it a gadget or what, but the right bag according to your need can work wonders when on a trip or an outing.

Features of a good bag are:diaper bag 1

  • Bottle warmer
  • Spacious compartments to store various baby essentials
  • Pockets both in the interior and exterior
  • Changing mat
  • Wide opening and easy access
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  •  Place to store dirty clothes
  • A waterproof lining

The diaper bag can be bought from a good shop which keeps baby essentials, like Mothercare, mom & me. It can also be bought online through various portals such as babyoye, firstcry, mom & me and many more.

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