How to Be A Stylish Mom

With the holiday season around the corner, you might want to raise your glam quotient. Are you the one who always lands up falling into the fashion slump? Then read here…

Women go through a drastic change right from the time they conceive till the time they give birth. And if this was not enough they go through a constant change after birth – physically, mentally, psychologically and physiologically. Since now she is a mother her priorities definitely change. Tell me how many of you get dressed after you have dressed up your children? And with less time in hand just (literally) pull out anything from your wardrobe? I am guessing quite a few of you are saying yes or nodding your head while reading this!

Well, the truth is that many new mums start to fall into the fashion slump and this can last for some years or maybe for the rest of their lives. Most mums don’t give time to themselves and their looks and completely forget the once upon a time fashionable them. If you are thinking that you have so much work and responsibilities that you hardly have time for yourself then think again. If you are happy, look and feel confident the whole world (your world) will also brim with happiness along with you.

Here take a look at 5 tips to stay stylish, pretty and confident:

Don’t opt for black: Well black does hide your curves but did you ever realise why you are feeling so worn out. Though black stands for sophistication, substance, glamour, security and emotional safety. It is also associated with heaviness, coldness, menace and oppression. Black absorbs all the colours so it kind of creates a protective barrier. Always opting to wear black can make you dull and tired. Try to dress up in bright and vivacious colours as it makes you look cheerful and fresh! Opt for clothes with colour, prints, cuts, florals and great texture.

Read fashion magazines: Did you only visit the maternity and baby stores during pregnancy? Then it is time for you to move on! Get hold of some fashion magazines to keep a check on the latest fashion trends. When I go shopping I usually go with my husband and we hardly spend like 5 mins on the entire shopping spree. Either I land up with blacks or the same old fashion which I have been wearing. Going through fashion magazines just gives you an idea what is trending and how you can upstyle yourself accordingly.

Change your hairstyle from time to time: Are you always pulling your hair back in a bun so that you can immediately step out of the house? I do that most of the times. Whenever I step out for work or otherwise I always pull back my hair. In order to have a crowing glory give time to your hair, style them differently with different buns and to sometime leaving your tresses open. Try to get a regular haircut so that the split ends are removed and the hair grows healthily. If you are bored of the same hairstyle get a new one … opt for blunt, bob and bold! Try perm, hair straightening or whatever makes you feel better.

Follow a style icon: Though at any given time it is best to create your own style, you can also try the fashion style of an icon you adore. But doing so comes with its own caution. Before blindly copying your icon, please do consider your body type and frame and whether you will be able to carry off the attire or not. Again the key is to be confident and I am sure you can walk out of the house dressed in Kareena Kapoor style.

Don’t forget to accessorize: I am one of those who believes in minimal or no accessories But most of the times I avoid. But let me tell you accessories do have some magic. I mean you may wear nice earrings and a necklace but the real mood booster is a lipstick. Yes, lipstick is an accessory and can change the entire mood easily and quickly. Even the mascara works up some magic. Next time around don’t forget the red lipstick … trust me it does make a change.

I know these tips sound really cliche, but remember when you look good you feel great about yourself and this brings out new confidence in you!

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