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With summers come mosquitoes, these are nasty and bite so hard that they don’t let you sleep. Go ahead and find out the best repellents which you can use safely …

As the mercury levels rise, along with it comes masses of mosquitoes and other nasty insects. These tiny creatures are most active at dusk … the time when most of the children step out to play. It is rather unfair to not let children go out and play. There have been times when I wish how I could wrap my daughter in breathable bug resistant bubble, where she would be safe from the biting beasts … but alas, this is not possible and here is when the mosquito repellents are used.


When choosing a repellent, I am always cautious of what side effects it might have on my little one … are they safe, should chemicals be used directly on the skin, should I opt for natural repellents. While doing a research on the best repellents I came to know some things which I was not aware of. Basically, repellents do not kill mosquitoes and if applied on the body they just prevent them from biting you. The effect of the repellents depends on the chemicals present and the humid weather.

Repellents can be made of:

  • Chemicals such as N N Diethyl benzamide and DEET
  • Essentials oils from plants, such as citronella, peppermint, eucalyptus, cedar, and neem
  • Plants like Thai Lemongrass, Catnip, and marigold

These repellents come in various creams, lotions, vaporizers, mats, and coils. Each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and choosing the right one depends on YOU

Repellent Type

Advantages Disadvantages

Precautions to be Taken

Creams, lotions, wipes

Works well indoors

Might cause allergic reaction to a baby’s soft skin

Consult the doctor before applying to a baby below 3 months. Buy a trusted brand.


Works well indoors

When it gets heated emits chemical fumes

Do not let the baby stay in the room where the vaporizer is switched on. Chemical fumes are harmful.


Works well indoors while limited effect outdoors

Danger of inhaling noxious fumes

Breathing problems and allergies might develop.


Limited effect outdoors

Smoke is released when burnt

Breathing problems and allergies might develop.


Works well indoors

When it gets heated emits chemical fumes

Breathing problems and allergies might develop.

Essential oils

Effective when directly applied to the skin

Does not last too long and might cause allergic reactions

Should not be used directly on a baby’s or a toddler’s skin as these oils are very strong


Effective indoors as well as outside, DEET free

Might cause allergic reactions

Care should be taken not to apply directly on the skin

In case, of a baby less than two months, avoid using these repellents. Try to be as natural as you can with babies. Light citronella candles or other essential oils as mosquitoes don’t like the scents of lemongrass, neem, and other oils. Also, you can try keeping camphor in a bowl of water near the baby’s bed. However, for older babies repellents with 30% DEET, IR3535 or picaridin are co


nsidered to be safe.

Dress your child in light coloured clothes when you send him/her to play. Avoid BLACK as it tends to attract mosquitoes. Keep a small towel with you and your child and keep wiping the sweat as when you sweat the body gets damp and again attracts mosquitoes. Apply a few drops of essential oils on the child’s clothes.

However, do keep the following in mind:

  • DEET and other forms of repellents should be applied only to clothing and exposed skin, never under the clothes
  • Avoid using near eyes and mouth and also on infected, cut or irritated skin
  • If using spay repellents, care should be taken not to spray near food and should be done only in open
  • Once your child comes back home make sure to wash the applied areas with soap and water. Also, wash the clothes on which repellents was applied

Now that you know about the repellents, go ahead and make the right choice and let your child play freely without the tiny beast troubling them.

Table Source: BabyCenter

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