Top 10 Gifts for This Children’s Day

This Children’s Day unloose your self, let go of your worries and become a child with your child. Set them free, and wait for the magic to unfold …

Children’s day which falls on the 14th November, every year, marks the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. His immense love and affection for children who he addressed as the future of India, led him to establish reputed institutes. Thus as a tribute to him, India celebrates his birthday as Children’s Day.

Children’s Day is celebrated with zest and energy at schools. There are cultural programs, fashion shows, picnics and a plethora of activities hosted by the schools for the children. This is one day when every child wants to go to school with all the celebration, activities, food, and fun and not to forget masti. But have you ever thought that the celebration of this day is mostly restricted to school? In fact, parents just treat it as any other day or event at school.

Have you ever realized how strict you are with your child? How they sulk when you say NO to them or stop them from just being them. All of us know that we do all this for their betterment. But in doing so we somehow don’t let them be children.

I chanced upon a video by Cadbury Dairy Milk. Here 2 boys are playing and when they see their mother they come to an attention mode. The mother just smiles and starts playing with them. After seeing the video, I realized that sometimes I am also very strict with my daughter and she does the same. Here is the video:

This Children’s Day, I want to unleash the child within me and be a child with my child. Why don’t you also try the same? Be assured, your children will love it that you are not your strict self and that you are enjoying and behaving like one of them. While you become a child, don’t forget to pick up a gift for them. I have already shopped for mine 🙂

Here is a list of Top 10 Gifts which you can think of gifting your child:

  1. Chocolates: These are an all-time favorite, as there is a chocolate for every moment whether celebration mode or feeling down in the dumps. And what better way than a Cadbury Dairy Milk, where baccho ke saath aap bhi bacche ban jaayein”. After all this children’s day, you want to be a child again and that too with your child. Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye with your children 🙂 
  2. Books: There is no better gift than a book! A book is like a tiny seed which nourishes and enlightens your child. It will never be outdated and creates a deep family bonding for the reader. Books can be gifted to children of all ages with board books to puzzle books to storybooks to fiction to novels to research or encyclopedia. You can also opt for recordable storybooks. These are amazing and shall be cherished by your child for years to come. This book comes with a small recorder where you can record the story in your words. Your child can listen to the story and that too in your words – even when you are not around.
  3. Coffee Mugs: Winters have set in and a great way to start your child’s day would be to serve them hot chocolate milk or coffee in these mugs. These come in many colors with various designs, cartoon characters, and graffiti on them. A child studying for exams would love to sip coffee in these trendy mugs to stay awake.
  4. Scrapbook: Through this gift, your child can cherish and save their memories forever. Scrapbooking is a hobby which is practiced in many parts of the world. Though with technology evolving rapidly, there is an option for the digital scrapbook. However, the charm still lies in the book form of scrapbooking.
  5. Cuddly Cushions: These cushions solve 2 purposes. One is to rest your child’s head after a long day and the other is making the room pretty. These cushions come in different shape and designs along with funky colors’. These definitely add colorful detail and fun element to your boy or girl’s room. You can also get these personalized.
  6. Photo Frames: Be it your favorite picture, a family picture, or a picture of your child’s achievement, place it in a photo frame and gift it to them. You can choose from a wide variety ranging from funky to classy, modern to antique, wooden to rubber finish, silver plated to gold plated and crude to elegant. Accommodate your precious memories in these frames and surprise your child.
  7. Remote Control Cars: Boys love speed and cars. Wouldn’t it be great if you could mix both the elements into one toy? Well! Here I am talking about the remote control cars. These cars are well made with shock suspensions and rubber tires. All they need is to be charged for a night and they are ready to roll over in grass, sand, and mud.
  8. Dolls and their Playsets: Why should the little girls be left out!! They can have fun with dolls. And the best part is that these dolls have their toys like strollers, kitchens, and not to forget their houses. Your little princess can spend the day with her little princess. Let her have a smile on her face when she organizes a cute little tea party. 
  9. Puzzles: Want your child to enhance their memory and motor skills, opt for puzzles. You can choose from jigsaw puzzles for the tiny tots to the really complicated rubric cube for the teenagers. These puzzles reduce stress, relieve anxiety and improve the focus of a child.
  10. Pop Up Tents: These tents are apt for children between 3-6 years of age. These are easy to assemble and can be used both outdoors as well as indoors. When children play in these tents they get a sense of being independent and are ready to take on the world which is waiting for them with many adventures.

Still wondering which gift to pick!!!  Hurry up and relive your childhood memories again …

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