Winters just got Warmer

Winter, a season of fun, cold, caps, snow, snowman and Christmas. With so much to do who would not fall in love with this season. But are you ready for winters???

So winters are round the corner, in fact there is already a nip in the air. This is my favorite season as I get to sit in the sun, literally soak myself in the sun; wear colorful sweaters, jackets, coats, caps, mittens, leg warmers, scarves, mufflers and leggings and the list is just never ending.


I like to dress my daughter in layers. During the day as she is playing around the layers are less with a warm inner and sweat shirt, but as the sun bids adieu I make her wear a sweater or a jacket according to the cold and chill winds. Layering has a benefit as it helps the child to maintain the heat and prevent them from immediate change of temperature thus falling ill. Also, layering is not only limited to clothes but also has an importance in the softness of skin. Layering leads to a soft skin and this can be done by bathing with a moisturizing body wash, followed by a body oil and finally lotion all over the body. This prevents the skin from getting dry.

But with the winters setting in are you really ready for winters.  Have you bought all the essential care for your children? Well if not then you still have time to make your winters warmer. Just a week back I was looking for winter essentials on Amazon for my little one. The online store has an amazing collection for winters. And I not only bought clothes, but also, cream, oils and other essentials for winters. Here is a list of some things I bought:

1. Johnson & Johnson Honey Apple Baby Wash – I was basically intrigued by the combination of honey and apple, and wanted to try it right away. The combination of honey apple has a nice fragrance with nourishing properties. It produces a nice creamy lather which cleans the soft skin of your child and also leaves it soft and moisturized.

2. Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel with Shea & Cocoa Butter Oil Gel – I particularly bought this product because my daughter has a very dry skin. The gel contains cocoa butter well known for nourishing properties and Shea for its skin conditioning. This product promises to lock moisture up to ten times more.

3. Hats Scarf Girls Muffler and Earflap Caps – I added this to my cart because I loved the fact that it is a set of matching cap and scarf. In winters when we are covered from head to toe, a matching cap and scarf are very complimentary. Also, I loved the pink color.

4. Nauti Nati Girl’s Dress – This was an obvious choice as my daughter is very fond of frocks. She keeps saying, “Mumma dress me up in a frock which goes round and round.” So this dress is a full sleeves tunic with bright red stockings.

5. Mee Mee Girl’s Sweater – The bright colors of the sweater made me pick this immediately. This is 100% wool along with fleece and thermal fabrics. The sweater is so bright and colorful that it can be worn for any occasion.

6. Cutecumber Girls Quilted Embellished Grey Full Sleeve Jacket – This jacket from Cutecumber stole my heart the minute I saw it. There are lots of designs and colors from the brand. It also has a touch of fur lining around the neck so that you child is warm and cozy.

7. Clarks Girl’s Snuggle hug Boots – Last but not the least I included these awesome boots from Clark’s.  These again come in many colors and styles. This one is a casual wear made of leather and is fur lined to keep those tiny feet warm.

I spent almost an afternoon shopping for my little one and I feel I can buy some more winter essentials for her.  With Amazon offering everything under one roof it makes my life easier and I am definitely going to shop for my little one from the comforts of my home while sipping coffee and basking in the sun. Amazon surely lives up to its logo as it has everything from A to Z and one shops with a smile.

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  1. Ram Kumar Singh
    November 30, 2015

    Very useful knowledge for a mother who loves & care their little one .Winter season is a lovely season for a mother but should be very careful for their children.

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