Dressing your Child in Comfortable Clothes for Playschool

You and your child have hit a new milestone. There is a mixed bag of emotions – happy, anxious, jittery, excited and like. But you can make your child’s first day at school comfortable with just a little preparation.

Finally, your baby has grown up and is all ready for school. You are looking for the best playschools for her. While you are excited you are also anxious for this phase of her life. Though the child may face some challenges on the first day of school they do settle down. While you and your child are trying to settle down, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind.

Usually, a child does not have a school uniform at this age. So while you are keeping a tab of all the things to keep your child comfortable do not forget about her clothes. She should feel relaxed when she is at school, thus it is necessary that the clothes she wears are comfortable and do not irritate her while doing the many activities. Being comfortably dressed is surely going to increase your child’s happiness quotient.

Here are some tips to keep in mind regarding comfortable clothing when your little one starts playschool:

  • Outfit for the first day: When it comes to dressing up the children, girls are often dressed up in frilly frocks and gowns, while boys may be in their tuxedos. Agree they look cute but we want children to have fun in school rather than getting caught up because of their dress. Dressing up in comfortable and casual clothes which gives them enough room while playing are apt. The dressy outfits can be saved for some occasion.
  • Avoid jumpsuits: Though these are trendy and undoubtedly look smart, I address them as more of a nuisance. The basic reason for this is that jumpsuits can be quite troublesome especially during the visits to the washroom. Also, try and give a skip to hard to pull on tights and pants as these may hamper the child’s comfort.
  • Dress your child according to the weather: If the winter months are in full swing make sure that your child is in a jacket, cap and other accessories. Similarly, in summers make sure that the child is wearing summer-appropriate sun protective clothes. You don’t know how the temperature in the class is? How often the children go out in the open? But what you can assure from your end is that your child is comfortable in any weather.
  • Pay attention to the footwear: Okay! I get it your little one has many pair of shoes to flaunt around. But try to keep it as simple and comfortable as possible when they go to school. Don’t force the child to wear shoes with laces if he is comfortable with the velcro or slip-on shoes. Try to avoid sandals and slippers as the child may hurt themselves while running around and playing. Let’s just say a big no to the fancy shoes.
  • Say no to whites: You know how children are. While they play, eat and perform other activities they love to mess around. When in school they will be playing with paints and play-doh. Trust me you don’t want to spend the rest of the day struggling with stains on the white clothes. So instead opt for bright coloured easy to wash clothes.
  • Fancy hair accessories … not a good idea: Simple hair accessories are better for school rather than the expensive ones. Your child may not come to know when the clip has fallen off and also there is fear of her yanking out the clip and hurting herself. Avoid the blingy, stylish, decorative and expensive clips for school.
  • An extra set of clothes: It is always better to pack an extra set of clothes in your child’s bag. You never know a child may have bathroom accidents, or spill food or paint on them. It is always sensible to leave the extra set in the school. This way the teacher does not fret and the child is comfortable.

Playschool is a big milestone for you and your child. While some children adjust some may find it a little difficult. But do not fret, give your child time and help them with the adjustments in this phase of their life. Make sure you brief your child weeks ahead of starting the school. Talk positively about school and how much fun it is going to be. They should feel excited about the same and look forward to this big step as well.

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  1. Noor Anand Chawla
    September 18, 2019

    These are all good tips to dress children for play school. Layering is something I can add- so they are ready for any sudden weather change.

    • Shubhra Rastogi
      September 18, 2019

      Definitely, layering does help in many ways. Thanks for reading!

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