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“Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.” – Nicholas M. Butler

Corona Virus, which officially started in December 2019 was not as scary till the time it was in Wuhan, China. However, soon it started spreading like wildfire within China. The nurses and doctors not only became serious but also spent hours fighting the virus which was named COVID-19.

At the beginning of 2020, Corona Virus managed to flee from China and started spreading slowly but rapidly all over the world. In March, the World Health Organisation addressed COVID-19 as a pandemic. When Corona Virus struck the world, many countries were forced to go on a national lockdown.

The lockdown included the sealing of borders, cancellation of all domestic and international flights and most importantly, people were asked to stay indoors. This is the first time ever that people have been asked to stay safe within their homes. Companies allowed or rather enforced their employees to work from home. Schools closed down, exams were postponed, shops shut down and people were forced to stay inside.

Something like this lockdown happened for the first time. It was not easy. Since people were so used to going out every day they found it rather difficult to stay at home. Amid all this, people were angry. They were angry at the deadly virus, angry for an economic downturn, angry at being caged in their houses, angry for not meeting their loved ones and angry because things would not get back to normal for a very long time.

In the much testing times, the popular content-creating app, TikTok came up with a campaign – #GharBaithoIndia campaign, along with the United Nations Development Programme. The campaign was an initiative to invite its users to come up with ideas to beat the lockdown blues. The campaign served as a platform to share and explore ideas to make the lockdown more enjoyable. The platform offered original soundtracks which could be created in the user’s version. Creators and celebrities shared their fun moments along with LIVE content where they encouraged people to stay at home. They also offered online virtual games. Shilpa Shetty can be seen playing the UnderWater and Cricket Game.

Not only did TikTok try to entertain people sitting at home, but it also helped the frontline fighters, our very own doctors. When the whole country was locked inside their homes, doctors were busy working to keep everyone safe. Thus, in turn, someone needed to think about them, so that they could be safe. At this time, TikTok stepped forward and donated 400,000 hazmat medical protective suits and masks for the medical personnel. The main aim was to safeguard their health. Along with the hazmat suits, 200,000 masks to the Delhi and Maharashtra Government were also donated.

TikTok also launched an in-app quiz – “Kheloge Aap, Jeetega India”, to create awareness about the spread of Corona Virus and to encourage people to donate towards the PM Funds. The app aimed at the 3E’s – Educate (with correct information regarding COVID-19), Engage (participate in quizzes) and Empower (to take the quiz and answer COVID-19 questions with a donation towards the PM Care Fund.). They educated users.

With so much effort to beat the blues during the lockdown, financial and medical aid towards the medical fraternity, TikTok definitely did its bit.

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